BEIRUT – Another Taster From Upcoming Collection ‘ARTIFACTS’

18 November 2021

Who: The musical project/band of ZACK CONDON
Active: Since 2006 / 5 studio LPs so far

New album: ARTIFACTS
What: A double-album collection of
unreleased tracks, EPs, and B-sides

Release: 4 March 2022
Order info: here


Condon about the song: “I had a few years where all I wanted to play was the Wurlitzer for some reason. I actually first wrote this song on a white baby grand piano that was surprisingly cheap. Apparently white pianos lost their popularity as a status symbol in the thick carpeted living rooms of the 70s. I was particularly proud of the conch shell “brass section” I arranged behind the first vocal parts, using a self made horn from a huge conch shell my parents had picked up in Key West when they were still young and wild, before me and my brothers were born.”

Shuffle your feet and sway with your hips…

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