SLAVES Is Dead! Long Live SOFT PLAY – Steaming UK Duo Return With Fierce Fireball ‘PUNK’S DEAD’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

23 August 2023

Photo: Tommy Davies

British red-hot-steaming gunslingers, Isaac Holman (lead vocals, drums) and
Laurie Vincent (backing vocals, guitar, bass) started their rowdy ride back in 2012,
named Slaves. They fabricated 3 earthshaking LPs with Are You Satisfied? (2015),
Take Control (2016) and Acts Of Fear And Love (2018) and took a break next.

Last year they changed their name to SOFT PLAY after a magazine
cited Slaves as one of their list of provocative names for music artists.

As expected, they got negative too soft reactions
to their new moniker. As if, they rightly so, care.

This Summer they returned to the live scene and this Autumn
veteran techno turbo The Prodigy take them along on their UK tour.
On stage they operate as human Molotov cocktails. Saw them live
several times, wanna see them again!

But first the comeback single, dubbed PUNK’S DEAD.

A metallic projectile that pierces your ears the way you like it.
It’s an instant moshpit detonator with Laurie Vincent still spitting
and sneering with in-your-face panache. Somewhere midway the
fireball slows down for some voices including Robin Williams (yes, him)
popping up and making comments on the name change.

SLAVES is dead! Long live SOFT PLAY!

Soft play (what matе?) should’ve done your resеarch
I want my money back, boys, for the t-shirts
Should’ve run it by me first
Is your back sore?
I bet your knees hurt
Is this another publicity stunt?
Thought you were rowdy
Thought you were punks
What the fuck’s with the new name anyway?
Soft play? More like soft cunts


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