Amplified British Trio SOOT SPRITE Have Mixed Emotions On New Single ‘LAZY’

New striking strokes

30 August 2022

Who: Shoegazey bedroom
rock three-piece from Exeter, UK

New single: LAZY

TUTV: This amplified dream-pop reflection goes forth and back at
a nervous pace. Guitar layers cause buoyant waves, the rhythm section
takes care of a steady-ongoing cadence, both zippy and edgy vocals fit
the mixed emotions expressed here seamlessly, and a sultry sax pops
up now and then. Final result: a high-strung alert for high-strung times.

Maybe I’m lazy
Or maybe it’s
Three recessions in thirty years
A handheld newscycle full of fear
Maybe I’m just diluted by trauma
From living in an endless apocalyptic drama

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British Trio SOOT SPRITE Shines On New Emotive Beauty – Here’s ‘Vs. SELF’…

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week

29 September 2019

British trio SOOT SPRITE is a self-proclaimed Bedroom Rock/Shoegaze band
but I rather describe their new single ‘Vs. SELF‘ as pure high-quality songwriting.
It’s a truly arresting song that evolves gracefully and entrancingly while the remarkable vocals will steal your heart. Its gloomy sonority reminds me of the moodiest moments
of 90s melancholic popsters The Sundays.

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