Shake Your Electro Booty To ‘ALL TO MYSELF’ By SOAP! Feat. MEDERITH ADELAIDE

21 October 2020

(Artwork single)

Band: SOUP!

Who: Hailing from London, UK, this Italian-British experimental collective produces a true call of the wild, with its primitive stomping drum-beat, dystopian soundscapes and gentle brush-strokes of Jùjú guitars.


Score: Turn sickly sticky break beats à la DJ Shadow into a tremendously swirling tune,
add the bright American voice of Meredith Adelaide and you’ll be triggered to shake
your eager booty. Something we all need in these surreal times. Don’t keep the fun all to yourself and play this dance uplift loud so your neighbors can twirl themselves dizzy too. Bang bang!

Make your move here…

SOUP! Facebook

(Images via music PR agency Musosoup)

PICK OF THE DAY – Multi-Layered Electro Thrashers ‘SHHT’ Impress With New Single/Clip ‘SOUP’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

10 April 2018

SHHT is an adventuresome and crazed bunch of screwy fruitcakes making screwy music for screwy listeners. Their live performances are far-out, spectacular and eye-catching events fueled with a wayward fusion of accessible pop-rock experiments. The new single SOUP is one of those crackpot belters turning into firework at their shows. Big keys, big orchestration and a big mashup of different moods and hair-raising sentiments. Daft stuff all the way, in sound and in vision. Here’s the mental clip…

SHHT: Website – Facebook

A live SHHT experience…




(pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)