One Festival Track A Day Turns Summer Into Holiday – WILLY And MINK DEVILLE With ‘SPANISH STROLL’ At Montreux Festival 1994

Memorable festival flashes from the past to heal this summer’s ‘no festivals’ pain…

19 August 2020

Band: Mink Deville – band of the late great Willy Deville
(Connecticut, 25 August 1950 – NYC, 6 August 2009)
Track: Spanish Stroll (1977)
Festival: Montreux, Switzerland 1994

Hey, Rosita! Donde vas con mi carro Rosita?
Tu sabes que te quiero
Pero ti me quitas todo
Ya te robasta mi television y mi radio
Y ahora quiere llevarse mi carro
No me haga asi, rosita
Ven aqui
Ehi, estese aqui al lado rosita

Sing it, Willy

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‘Spanish Stroll’ By MINK DEVILLE (1977)…

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25 February 2020

Band: Mink DeVille
Led by the late great Willy DeVille
Single: Spanish Stroll
B-side: Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl
Released: 1977
AlbumCabretta – the band’s debut LP
Score: The single peaked at #20 in the UK

‘Hey Rosita! ¿Dónde vas con mi carro, Rosita? Tú sabes que te quiero, pero usted me quita todo’

Sweaty live version – Montreux 1982

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