Wake-Up Call With BILLY NOMATES And Her Don’t-Mess-With-Me Tirade ‘SPITE’

Works faster an harder than caffeine

31 January 2023

Songstress/producer Tor Maries aka BILLY NOMATES
dropped her new album, named Cacti a couple of
weeks ago.

One of the top tracks is SPITE. A don’t-mess-with-me tirade
about self-belief and confidence in intolerant environments.
No mercy for idiots. Fuck them all.

“I know you think you hold all your power over me
But you don’t
Only I hold power over me
Even then I don’t stick to everything I say

I fell in willingly, yeah I chose it
I know you don’t love me, everybody knows it

I just came outta spite
I didn’t come here to try to put things right
Don’t you push me, you know I just might
I only came, I only came outta spite
I’m only here, I’m only here ’cause I can
Little boy, don’t think you quite understand
Don’t you act like I ain’t the fucking man
I’m only here, I’m only here ’cause I can
Yeah Yeah”


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