A Little Gem About Equality – Here’s PRIMAL SCREAM With ‘STAR’…

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1 April 2018

PRIMAL SCREAM with one of their sensitive moments. STAR is about everybody,
about humankind, about equality, about living together. About all being brothers
and sisters. Mellow and soothing. Here’s the sweet little gem…

Are you solid, are you solid as a rock
Have you a strong foundation or can your soul be bought
It ain’t true that, everybody’s got a price
I sing this song for everyone who stands up for their rights

Every brother is a star, every sister is a star
Every brother is a star, every sister is a star

Sister rose, Malcom X and Dr. King
Showed us we got power, showed what changes we could bring
To change society you have gotta change the law
Their bodies may be gone but their spirits still live on

Every brother is a star, every sister is a star
Every brother is a star, every sister is a star

Rebel souls… souls… souls…

For the dreamers, rebel souls and future days
Be brave and strong, keep keeping on, be conscious in the chaos
The queen of England there’s no greater anarchist
One man’s freedom tighter is another’s terrorist

Every brother is a star, every sister is a star (x4)

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STAR was the 2nd single from the rad 1997 album VANISHING POINT

BELLY – Magical Debut Album ‘STAR’ Turns 25…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

22 January 2018



RELEASED: 25 January 1993 – 25 years ago / The LP was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America for sales of at least 500,000 units on February 21, 1994

ALL MUSIC wrote: “Tanya Donelly’s songwriting began to blossom on Throwing Muses’ Real Ramona, and Belly’s debut, Star, is where it reaches fruition. Using the trancy harmonies of dream pop as a foundation, Donelly expands the genre’s boundaries, trimming away its pretensions and incorporating a flair for sweet, concise pop hooks and folk-rock inflections. She also spikes her airy melodies with disarmingly disturbing lyrics. Images of betrayal and death float throughout the album, but what hits home initially — and what stays after the album is finished, are the hooks, whether it’s the rolling sing along of “Gepetto,” the surging “Slow Dog,” the melancholy ‘Stay’ or the cool, detached sexiness of ‘Feed The Tree.’ An enchanting debut.

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: STAR still shines like a glittering diamond. Sparkling, twinkling and, yes, totally starry-eyed. Tanya Donnely‘s angelic voice gives the whole dreamy experience a special touch, a glamorous color and a lasting impression while
the mixed emotions keep it all human and real. Magnificent record by a magnificent
band with a magnificent singer/songwriter…

THREE HIGHLIGHTS: Feed The Tree / Gepetto / Full Moon, Empty Heart

* FEED THE TREE – the vibrant single…

* GEPETTO – elevating galvanism…

* FULL MOON, EMPTY HEART – magical in sound and vision…

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