British Vocal Indie Team LAKES Looks Forward To ‘START AGAIN’ With Their New Album

9 August 2021

Who: Six-piece indie
rock team out of Watford, UK

Recorded over the course of nine
months and various lockdown
Released: 30 July 2021

Roberto Cappellina (singer) “This batch of songs has been a vehicle for
healing for all six of us in some way, so there are a lot of different, but raw
themes throughout the record. Even though we’re currently all isolated from
each other, the one person you can’t escape is yourself. We’ve been to some
dark places between us, but ultimately, ‘Start Again’ is about coming out the
other side. This record is about facing that darkness, owning it and letting go
of the past. It’s about being at peace with it and moving forward and saying
that it’s actually OK to start again.”

(photo by Dylan Nolte)

Turn Up The Volume: I’m sure this British vocal pop/rock team has a lot of Americana records on their shelves. Sonically, they fit pretty well between the romantic world of Seattle’s Fleet Foxes and the amplified country-rock of Band Of Horses (also from Seattle).

The group’s ardent voices are – like with the two other bands – the key instruments, the attention grabbers, the heroes in the middle. Multi-layered harmonies fill the room from track 1 to track 12 whether Lakes rock out or slow down for a breather. Lyrically, the main theme is about to start again amidst critical times for humankind. Put your headphones on, dim the light, close your eyes and relax. Soon you’ll see bright Lakes lights at the end of the pandemic tunnel.

Lead-single: Start Again…

Full album…

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British Indie Outfit LAKES Invites Us To Discuss A Better Future Together With New Vibrant Single ‘MATCHES’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

22 June 2021

(photo by Dylan Nolte)

Who: Six-piece indie-rock collective from Watford, UK

New album: START AGAIN
The band’s second longplayer. Out on 30th July via Know How Records.
The album “features profound melodies, improved basslines and poppy choruses.
Creating their own unique blend of prolific math rock and captivating pop, Lakes
turn traditional, twinkly emo inside out.”

New single: MATCHES
Robert Cappellina (vocalist/guitarist); “Watching the way political discourse has
played out over the past few years and the tension that comes with polarising views…
it’s exhausting. No one wants to be proven wrong. There’s a need for space to have
real conversations with each other and to listen. This song is about reaching out to
have those conversations.”

Matches resonates like an amplified pop symphony bringing – although they
are a British band – Seattle’s folk rockers Band Of Horses to mind. Panoramic orchestrations, Americana harmonies, back and forth progressions and euphoric melodiousness. A sonic invitation to discuss and look forward to a better future…

Feel the vibrant vibe here…

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