5 new firecrackers to boost your favorite 48 hours…

Band: MODEL CHILD (Los Angeles)
Who: Outspoken lone ranger from Los Angeles, California
Track: PILOT
TUTV says 2 minutes of schizophrenic rage, furious anger and endless
humanitarian struggle. Fuck the greedy rich! Fuck the military industry!

“Blood is raining gold across the room /
Million dollar chains tied to your tomb.”

Band: METZ
Who: Premier shock rock trio from Toronto, Canada
Newest album: ATLAS VENDING – 4th LP
Track: SUGAR PILLL – new video clip

TUTV says: One of those vintage brain-breaking Metz
hammer blows sounding like a fucked-up hot rod on the run.

Press play

Band: PINKSHIFT (Baltimore, US)
Who: Fired-up grunge punks driven by tons of energy and grit
New EP: SACCHARINE – out today – buy here
Lead-single: MARS

TUTV says: This is a high-powered and barbed-wire punch-punk cannonball
celebrating hope and the band itself. The combination of rip-roaring-riff mania,
frenetic drum whacks, vocal Courtney Love swagger and a hectic chorus is what
you need to fight your panic lockdown attacks.

Who: The late vocalist of legendary
noise-exploring duo Suicide
New album: Mutator – out 23 April

TUTV says: Creepy groove. Haunting vibe. Scary story.

Let’s roll

Band: THE BODY (Portland, Orgeon)
Who: American experimental metal duo
formed in 1999 in Providence, Rhode Island.

TUTV says: Expect a pitch-dark nightmare. You’re trapped in the sick mind
of a psycho. You want to get out, but you don’t know how. Frightening!

See/hear you next week, music junkies…


Fuel to boost your favorite 48 hours…

1. ‘Elasticity’ by SERJ TANKIAN (US)
The ringleader of System Of A Down is going to make our ears tremble with a solo EP
out in March. This roller coaster lead-single was written for the band. But as the pandemic made studio contact impossible Serj decided to give a go himself. Four more to follow.

Bang your head here…

2. ‘Year Of The Horse’ by FUCKED UP (Canada)
Were you waiting for these Toronto rebels? Well, here they are with a new 19-minute (!) stunner. It goes loud and quiet, slow and fast, intimidating and relaxing, Totally fucked-up. From a new 4-track EP released yesterday. More info on Bandcamp .

Press play to start the mind-twisting escapade…

3. ‘Marionette’ by RICH RAGANY AND THE DIGRESSION (London)
This flaming belter could have been a fired-up Tom Petty cracker. Rockin’ and rollin’,
movin’ and groovin’. A perfect radio song. It’s the lead-single from their upcoming LP ‘Beyond Nostalgia And Heartache‘, out in April.

Tune in right here…

4. ‘Save Us From The Tory Scum’ by THE REV. JONNY KINKAID (Bristol, UK)
Breaking news: this is the brand new British National Anthem! To hell with God
Save The Queen
, here’s Jonny and his crystal clear Fuck You Tory Scum tribute!

Rise and sing with your two middle fingers in the air…

5. ‘Pukebox’ by PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETS (Perth, Aus)
The psych-o-delic stormer and boiling key single from the Aussies
new album SHYGA! THE SUNLIGHT MOUND, out today.

Let’s roll


23/25 January 2021

Turn Up The Volume likes the smell of rock ‘n’ roll in the weekend!
Here come 5 new firecrackers to bang-up your favorite 48 hours…

– Sweet Sin – (Lockdown Mix) by A SLICE OF LIFE (Belgium)
Sounds like Sisters of Mercy remixed by the Chemical Brothers. Get your disco ball out of
the closet, move your furniture & pretend you’re the star in Saturday Night Lockdown Fever.

– Song Of The Night Gator – SAFETY (Brooklyn, NY)
Razor-sharp-edged post-punk indie raging full steam ahead pushed by a drummer on
a droning mission. Only 1.45 minutes, but enough time to blow up your speakers. From the Brooklyn trio’s upcoming 6-track Greetings from the Sunshine State, out 19th March.

Irish rockers Fontaines D.C. sounding vibey and funky? Absolutely. Well, after the Belgian dance brothers Dewaele aka Soulwax put their hands on the title track of the Irish band.

– Oh So Real – by HONEY LUNG (UK)
Grungy shoegaze roller coaster with a metallic resonance. Rowdy, turbulent, multi-layered but also pretty sticky when the chorus kicks in. Buzzing stroke to boost your adrenalin.

– Business Casual – TOMAHAWK feat. Mike Patton (USA)
The supergroup, led by Faith No More‘s loud mouth Mike Patton is back after nearly eight years. This fierce jackhammer is the first taster of new LP, titled Tonic Immobility, out in March.


12/13 December 2020

Five new firecrackers to bang-up your favorite 48 hours…

1. ‘Dark Minds’ by VANESSA ANNE RED (London, UK)
Grand voice. Grand tune. Grand performance. Glimmering guitars, flabbergasting structure and sky-high chorus bringing the late great Kirsty MacColl to mind. Top score!
The first single off her upcoming third solo album.

“It’s the wishful thinking of a dark scorched mind
Leads us far beyond and leaves everything behind
Brings us far beyond and leaves everything behind”

2. Infralight by LABASHEEDA (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Spot-on catchy jingle-jangle stroke. Crackling guitars, basement drum beat, rollin’ bass
and pithy vocals. This band balances between their near-legendary indie countrymen Bettie Serveert and the early tumult of The Breeders. And that pretty cool violin fragment gives this rad ripper a surprising touch. From their new excellent album Status Seeking.

Let’s roll…

3. ‘We’re All Going To Hell’ by HEARSE PILEUP (UK)
I love these lines on their FB-page: “Lies can only be found by questioning the truths we are fed. An angry band for angry people. Or those who want to become angry.” Sounds so 2020! Expect a mad-guitar-crazy-fueled garage juggernaut on a supersonic run, smelling like Satan waiting in a dark alley. Hell bloody hell yeah!

Either the rapture didn’t happen
Or we’re all going to hell
Put your hands over your nose
Try to ignore that burning smell


4. ‘The Last Time I Saw You (O Christmas) by PORRIDGE RADIO (Brighton, UK)
A poignant eruption with a fervidness growing in intensity along its way.
Not Xmassy at all! Sorry Santa, you’re not wanted here this year. Capice?

“Every year, the same/ Every year, the rain/
Every year, the dark/ I feel it coming around it again.”

5. ‘A Girl Like You’ by TAME IMPALA (AUS)
Kevin Parker and his Tame Impala combo join the long 2020 cue of artists covering other artists. He picked ‘A Girl Like You’, the massive 1994 hit from Edwyn Collins, the former frontman of Scottish band Orange Juice.

Sing it, Kevin…

See/hear you next week, music junkies…


5/6 December 2020

Five new firecrackers to bang-up your favorite 48 hours…

‘Shortcummings’ by SLEAFORD MODS (UK)
Another sickly sticky rant from their upcoming album Spare Ribs. This time the rapping punks go after Dominic Cummings, the former right-hand of British prime-minister Boris Johnson and manic Brexit fan. Hit hit hit…

‘Carol Of The Witch’ by VAZUM (Detroit, US)
This pitch-dark, synth-driven banger could easily have been a track on Marilyn
‘s newest album We Are Chaos. Ominous guitar-layers, ongoing drum
thumps and an overall sinister resonance. From the duo’s new EP Vazumnacht.

Snow Day‘ by SHAME (UK)
A haunting, rowdy, and ongoing roller coaster jam “about love that is lost and the comfort and displeasure that comes after you close your eyes, fall into sleep, and are forced to confront yourself.” Notable new piece from forthcoming, 2nd LP Drunk Tank Pink, out 15th January.

‘The Fever’ by THRILLSVILLE (LA, CA, US)
An electro Goth pop tune beating like a heart in trouble and spreading feverishly in
your mind from the kick-off. It’s the nerve-racking opener from the brand new, chilling
5-track EP Say Goodbye To The Light.

I got the fever / I got a poisoned mind / Another day in paradise / Yea right

‘Alpha-Omega’ by MIND CELL (San Diego, US)
This metallic smack is exactly what you need to crush your lockdown demons. Burning guitars, merciless beats, bloodcurdling vehemence, and sky-scraping outcries cause a hair-raising experience that triggers the head-banging devil in you the way you like it! Score!

See/hear you next week, music junkies…


Five new firecrackers to bang-up your favorite 48 hours…


Sixth 2020 single. Sixth tour de force. These poetic metalsmiths honour all the real caring heroes in these hazardous times, with an ill-fate inspired roller coaster that “reflects upon the events of the ongoing pandemic and global crisis. The song is an appeal to humanity and an emergency broadcast to mankind at a critical moment in the current crisis. The music video is a tribute and homage to all the healthcare professionals around the world who have risked their own lives to save the lives of others.”

The accompanying video clip is a heart and soul touching then and now visualization

‘BL/FF (Fake Friends)’ by MONOWHALES (Toronto, Canada)

A boosting crackerjack to play on your car stereo when go out at night looking for a playmate. An electrifying ‘I Feel Donna Summer Love’ flare-up. A hormones-fueled slice
of peppery power-pop for (safe) Saturday Night feverishness. Go for it here…

‘Blush’ by BEACH RIOT (Brighton UK)

At its heart ‘Blush’ is essentially just a soppy love song, two people recounting that magical feeling of falling for each other” says the band. To my ears, this is at its heart a full-steam-ahead knockout wanting you to leave your lockdown hole, roll over and over in the street and jump for joy. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! From the band’s upcoming debut album ‘Subatomic Party Cool’, out June 2021 via Alcopop! Records.

‘Scratchcard Lanyard’ by DRY CLEANING (London)

“In the search for your true calling in life, it’s easy to try so many things that you end up confused. It can lead to an enormous build-up of frustration.” That’s what this ongoing
rolling-guitar-and-bass-riff-driven jam is about. Sticky as first-class glue. Here’s why…

‘I Don’t Know Who I Am’

Last week the Brit trio released their new, critically acclaimed, album Night Network.
On this highlight, good friend and ex-Sonic Youth member Lee Ranaldo joins them (again) for a dreamy groover. Tune in here…

See/hear you next week, music junkies...


21 November / 22 November 2020

I love the smell of rock ‘n’ roll in the weekend. Here come
five new firecrackers to boost your favorite 48 hours.

‘Water In The Well’ by SHAME (South-London)
One of the most exciting and ambitious young bands around share a new single from
their 2nd, upcoming album. ‘Water In The Well’ is a funky scream your heart out corker…

‘Quaaludes n Mash’ by SPUDGE (Leicester, UK)
Quaaludes with the effect of acid is what this kooky trio comes up with. So good,
so tasty. Rollin’ jingle-jangle guitars, a relentlessly frantic beat, and some rough spitting and sneering. Sonic youth turbulence, indeed. From their debut EP Pathetic Phallus.
Trust me, you won’t fall asleep.

‘The Hustle’ by DOIS PADRES (Bedforshire, UK)
This insane garage blues blast triggers your insatiable appetite for mindless psycho
boogie action. This raw-to-the-bone motherrocker sounds like it has been recorded in a basement where bats are fooling around. Fierce drum madness, screwy surf guitars and distorted vocals do your brain in. AND YOU’LL LIKE IT!

‘Let’s Party Tonight’ by SCARECROWZ (Ottawa, Canada)
To hell with our lockdown blues, time to party ourselves out of our heads. This robust, headbanging haymaker is what we need to activate all of our limbs and go bonkers from the get-go. For those about to rock Scarecrowz salutes you. Wham bloody hammer bam!

‘Distance’ by MAMMOTH WVH / WOLFGABG VAN HALEN (California)
The debut single of Wolfgang Van Halen aka Mammoth WVH is a heart-touching tribute to his father, who died recently. It’s a classic rock standout with an epic resonance, aroused vocals, and an overall affecting impact. R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen.

See/hear you next week, music junkies…


Five new firecrackers to bang-up your favorite 48 hours…

‘Pantomine’ by BLACK MONSOON (The Netherlands)
Before unleashing their debut album ‘Pantomine‘ soon, this high-energy trio boosts your bluesy pandemic mood with the heated, eponymous single. A 24-Carat stunner with the ghost of Kurt Cobain on vocals. Jump out of your lazy couch, push your furniture aside,
and rock your socks off on a string…

‘So To Speak’ by BLUE STATUE (North London)
‘A surreal stop motion drama’ says the band. Sonically you get an ongoing groove driven by electrically powered guitars à la Dinosaur Jr. and a firm beat while impassioned vocals add an urgent feel. This cracker is part of an A-double side. Listen also to fired-up jackhammer V.F. right here.

‘Realize’ by AC/DC (Australia)
Riff, bang, riff, bang, riff, bang. AC/DC is unbeatable when you’re in the mood for some mindless headbanging and high-voltage rock. Riff, bang, riff, bang, riff, bang. Power Up!

Forgotten Places, Forgotten People‘ by MIRROR OF HAZE (Norway)
A darkwave daydream with a glossy radiation. Expect electrifying melodiousness with glimmering Cure-esque guitar echoes and a melancholic resonance. This is head-in-the-clouds music for reflecting moments on a winter day. Close your eyes, travel to a faraway, forgotten place and forget your sorrows…

‘No Save Point’ by RUN THE JEWELS
No rest for the wicked. Run The Jewels rap and roar again with their contribution to the soundtrack of Cyberpunk 2077 under the moniker of Yankee & The Brave. Put your golden neck chains on and pretend you won the Presidential US elections.

See/hear you next week, music junkies…


7 November / 8 November 2020

I love the smell of rock ‘n’ roll in the weekend. Here come
five new firecrackers to boost your favorite 48 hours.

‘There’s A Ghost’ by SUPERCHUNK (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

This brand new steamed up Superchunk missile proves that the band still has the adrenalin-fueled buzz and fuzz energy to make you jump up and down like a manic kangaroo on speed. A welcome wham bloody bam smack to ventilate your lockdown frustration. Press play…

‘Heavenly’ by BRITE SPIRES (Oxford/London)

Clear your living room cause here comes a Donna Summer dance floor killer that activates your isolation bones instantly. A dazzling disco-ball knockout pushed by a bouncy, funky drum/bass beat while Natalia‘s voice makes you feel sexy. Electro brilliance. Shake your booty here…

‘Hall Of Mirrors’ by CROSS WIRES (Romford, UK)

These DIY post-punk challengers just dropped their most catchy single so far. Built
around an addictive, ongoing guitar riff the band invites you to get up, stand up and discharge yourself. Exactly what our minds and our bodies need in these surreal times.
Big stroke, once again. Lubricate your vocal cords and release your demons this way…


Last week the King Of America launched his new excellent album Hey Clockface. The outstanding track is unquestionably No Flag. His most sassy stroke in a long time rollin’
all over you. Costello is back from being never away. Here’s why…

‘Hindenburg’ by MY OCTOPUS MIND (Bristol)

After an intro of radio live radio broadcast flashes of the live radio broadcast of the
1937 German Hindenburg zeppelin disaster you enter a multi-layered sonic universe where you are tossed back and forth. From Mogwai atmospherics to Zappa‘s prog-rock eccentrics. From the psychedelic past to the art-noise present and back. Transfixing from start to finish and a fuck you middle-finger to all white supremacists. New album Faulty At Source out 20 November.

See/hear you next week, music junkies


31 October / 1 November 2020

Five new firecrackers to bang-up your favorite 48 hours…

‘I Eat You’ by MIHI NIHIL (Los Angeles, CA)
From the city of angels, here’s skate punk force Mee-Kee Nee-Keel with a stonking speedball from their upcoming debut LP. Expect a roaring race against the clock with insane guitars, a hammering beat and spicy vocals. All you need to look forward to their first longplayer.

This is another track from the new upcoming double LP – out 27th November – by loudmouth Billy Corgan and his team. A multi-layered, haunting, bass-driven groove.

Wow! Double wow! Need a boost to jack up your lockdown mood? Check this mighty electronic bass stunner and go berserk. A non-stop jungle drum beat that does your head in while striking synths built a wall-of-king-sized resonance. Like I said, this is exactly what you need. Turn it up, folks!

‘Scramble Experiment’ by OSEES (Rhode Island, US)
John Dwyer, the hardest working man in noise business has no intention whatsoever to take a rest. It’s impossible to follow how many tracks and how many albums he produced just this year. This ripper is pretty weird and pretty kooky. Ding dong!

‘Fatalist‘ by WAXEATER (Louisville, US)
This crazed trash and slash punk trio welcomes you on their social media with a loud
and clear message: ‘Your Misery Is Our Pleasure‘. And they do anything to make you feel miserable like with this savage-cutting-guitar-and-sick-drum-beat attack. No mercy, no prisoners, no pussies. Guess what? After only one spin, I feel gloriously miserable. Their shit is my salvation. Yeeeaaah!


See/hear you next week, music junkies…