Country Rock With A Poignant Edge – STEPH MAGUIRE Impresses With ‘COWBOY’

New striking strokes

17 November 2022

Who: A country rock singer-songwriter from
Syracuse, New York, living in Nashville, Tennessee

New single: COWBOY

Press info: “With “Cowboy”, Maguire showcases the power it takes to leave a relationship, especially on the heels of rebranding as just herself after getting her start in her band Rebel’s Fox. She conveys the concept of moving on from someone as a feat of strength,
and the message of the song itself can be applied to any listener. ”

TUTV: This electrifying songstress mixes country, folk and Southern rock into an exuberant cocktail on this pithy gem. Watch out cowboys, don’t mess with Steph, if not the cocktail may have a vitriolic taste. Maguire is blessed with a gorgeous voice, produces a gorgeous sound and has gorgeous looks. C’mon join her poignant trip here, it’ll boost your confidence and your spirits.

Press play and get impressed…

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