London’s Singer/Songwriter ISHANI Is Going Through… ‘STORMY EMOTIONS’

New sonic impulses


29 November 2018

(Photo: Zuzia Zawada / Make up : Vivi Solomon)

Artist: ISHANI

Who: London based Singer/songwriter/producer “combining her colourful background and cheerful character with the moody downtempo sounds that influenced and shaped her as an artist; she breathes some much deserved new life into music.”

Track: STORMY EMOTIONS – New single – A song “about the death of a relationship and the overwhelming pain that can come with that. It is also however about moving into a new phase of life, from the darkness to light.”

Score: The hypnotic, bass-driven, electro chill-out groove of this brooding humdinger makes an instant impact from the very start and with Ishani‘s crystal clear voice on top
of it you’ll get the sense of a mystifying experience, even spooky with some creepy backing vocals popping up now and then. I’m sure trip-hop legends Massive Attack would love to have this magnetizing performance on one of their albums. Yes, it’s that impressive, it’s that ravishing. Tune in and drift away…

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