SUICIDE – Career Spanning Collection Lands March 25

2 February 2022

Who: Electro-punk pioneers
Alan Vega (R.I.P.) and Martin Rev
Active: 1970–2016 (intermittently) / 5 studio LPs

Out: 25 March 2022 via Mute Records
Pre-order: here

Henry Rollins who has written the sleeve notes for
this collection said: “This gathering of songs is not a ‘best of’
nor is it a ‘definitive’ all-you-need-to-know compilation. It is
an introduction that will hopefully compel you to explore
the albums.”

It’s Suicide‘s first-ever career-spanning collection featuring 16 remastered
tracks. The record also contains previously unreleased pieces. An unheard
version of Girl (from their 1977 debut LP) and the first version of Frankie
(also from their debut).

Listen here…


‘A WAY OF LIFE’ – Third LP By SUICIDE (1988)

Old and new albums to make your day…

‘A Way Of Life’ by SUICIDE
Released: 1988 / the duo’s third longplayer

PITCHFORK review: “Forgoing a missive on why their second (also self-titled) album is just as good as their first, I’ll cut to the chase at hand and announce that if A Way of Life had been their debut– even in 1988 when it was originally released– people would be talking about it every bit as much as they do the real debut. By the time it came out– more than 10 years removed from their debut– Suicide’s influence had spread throughout the dance and industrial music scenes, with plenty of spillage into synth-pop and punk, but no one had yet managed to sound anything like them. Indeed, if there’s one thing A Way of Life drives home more than any other, it’s that Suicide never stopped being ahead of their time, their signature big-reverb synth-pop/50s rock ‘n’ roll/industrial noise melange (would you hate me if I coined the term droneabilly?) too singular to be touched by anyone else.”
Score: 8.3/10 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: Synth-pop pioneers making
Elvis Presley sounds like an electro punk! Still top stuff! Still influential today!

Highlights: Surrender / Jukebox Baby 96 / Rain Of Ruin / Dominic Christ

(Live version)




Album in full…

SUICIDE: Facebook – All Albums

Ex-Suicide’s MARTIN REV Returns With New Solo Project ‘DEMOLITION 9’…

Fresh sonic impulses for your ears…


MARTIN REV, keyboardist from experimental electro duo SUICIDE that made a significant impact, back in the seventies, on alternative music returns with DEMOLTION 9, his first new album in eight years and also the first since the death of his famous Suicide bandmate Alan Vega who passed away last July. It will be out on 26 May via Atlas Realisations and will feature 34 vignettes “yearning for joy and the unattainable perfection of the artistic ideal. The record spans a lifetime’s worth of moods and musings, encompassing fragments of Rev’s varied passions accrued across his nearly half-century long career.” The following two tracks NOW and IN OUR NAME give us an idea of what to expect: dark, electronic, ambient sound explorations. Some mysterious Close Encounters of the Third Kind experiences …





10 Historic Debut Albums Turning 40 in… 2017

Looking back in time… monumental moments in sonic history!


Here are 10 memorable debut albums from 1977. A 24 Karat Gold year for alternative music. The undisputed heydays of Punk and New Wave it was, with remarkably inventive and new sounding music coming, mostly, out of the UK and America. No more mega stars, no more special effects to hide the ‘safety and money first’ attitude, no more old-fashioned and unworldly rock and oll pricks acting like doped gods. It was the blessed year when a new generation of young, unexperienced but open-minded and highly talented musicians came out of their smelly basements with impressive longplayers. Unknown adolescents who had the guts and the immense creativity to explore different sonic fields and/or vitalize older vibes with a totally fresh, modern & most exciting approach. Check these
ten masterpieces – turning 40 next year – they still shine LOUD and CLEAR…

1/ ‘Marquee Moon’ by  TELEVISION
Guitar rock never sounded so revolutionary and innovatory. Electrifying garage poetry…

2/ ‘Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols’ by THE SEX PISTOLS
The grinning filth and the working class fury. Best punk rock album ever to my ears…

3/ ‘The Clash’ by THE CLASH
Machine-gun riffs, radical sloganeering and kick ass anthems for the desperate ones…

4/  ‘1977’ by TALKING HEADS
A landmark LP in sound and rhythm with a psycho killer like voice on top of it. 1977 indeed!

5/ ‘New Boots And Panties!!’ by IAN DURY
Dury’s razor sharp observations on British life wrapped in stellar pub-rock-disco tunes…

6/ ‘My Aim Is True’ by ELVIS COSTELLO
Before turning in a more classic singer-songwriter Costello showed his Zeitgeist teeth too…

7/ ‘In The City’ by THE JAM
Angry young man Paul Weller and his sidekicks talked fiercely about their generation…

8/ ‘Suicide’ by SUICIDE
Martin Rev‘s deranged electro machines and Alan Vega‘s chilling vocals. S-C-A-R-Y!…

9/ ‘Pink Flag’ by WIRE
Probably the most adventurous and unconventional album of all this 1977 madness. ACE!

10/ ‘Damned Damned Damned’ by THE DAMNED 
First punks to release a single (the brill New Rose), first to release an LP. Underrated havoc!