2022 Sensation NOVA TWINS Hit Hard On Sledgehammer ‘CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER’

Works faster and harder than caffeine

15 December 2022

Startling urban punk two-piece NOVA TWINS,
Amy Love & Georgia South made a mighty impression
on fans and critics with their second full length
that landed last June.

If you missed it check out the London‘s sensational
duo with this pinnacle sledgehammer off the album.

Choose Your Fighter, folks…

SUPERNOVA in full.

NOVA TWINS: Website – Instagram

NOVA TWINS – R & B Punk Punchers Go ‘SUPERNOVA’ On New Album

18 June 2022

Who: Outspoken R & B punk duo
Amy Love
and Georgia South from

New album: SUPERNOVA
Follow-up to 2020 debut
Who Are The Girls?.


Kerrang!: “Aptly titled, Supernova sees Nova Twins burning brighter than ever with
their gloriously self-made sound. It’s no surprise that the English duo have supported
fellow trailblazers Bring Me The Horizon and Little Simz during their reign as one of the
UK’s most ingenious new rock bands. Supernova basks in its own raw originality and
kicks any naysayers to the curb with its unforgettable impact.

Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Champagne Supernova in the sky is what you get
here. This rap-rusing record resonates like a metallic rap-punk rollercoaster.
R & B with sharp teeth, sharp cry-outs and sharp stories.

They’re the female Ho99o9 to my ears. Don’t mess with these badass twins.
They’ll get in your face with spits and sneers with hard-hiting crossover rock
drones and with industrial NIN punches. Massive score.

Singles/clips: Antagonist / K.M.B. / Cleopatra / Puzzles


– K.M.B. –



Go supernova here…

NOVA TWINS: Website – Instagram