Here’s Isle Of Wight Songstress LAURAN HIBBERD With Her New Infectious Glam Stomper ‘SWEAT PATCH’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

9 November 2019

(Photo credit: Nathan Russell)

After her excellent, varied debut EP Everything Is Dogs earlier this autumn, fast rising, multifaceted singer/songwriter LAURAN HIBBERD unleashed her new top-notch single called ‘SWEAT PATCH‘.

Hibberd about the new track: “Sweat Patch is arguably a song about drugs, but it’s not like
I’m trying to be cool about it. I’m pretty much frigid with anything unprescribed. But because
of that, this song is based on my idea of that world. There’s loads of songs about getting high, not as many songs about watching and I guess analysing other people do it. I guess this is me, soberly sat in a room watching all of my friends take drugs. I guess there’s also a nod to the elephant in the room, A DUDE. There’s always a dude! And I guess this song stemmed from
me being into this guy, but he was pretty much into other things more.”

Sweat Patch‘ is a pumping glam stomper going forth and back, up and down, here and there, left and right. Trust me, it’ll have an immediate influence on your head, feet and
hip movements. Here’s why…