Macho Rockers GUNS N’ ROSES Released Debut Album ‘APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION’ 30 Years Ago…

21 July 2019

GUNS N’ ROSES, probably the most famous and successful macho rockers in history released their smashing debut LP ‘APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION‘ today 30 years ago,
on 21 July 1987. A thunderous cock rock record filled with tons of hellish electricity. Hot,
rowdy, vicious, filthy and controversial with Axl Rose howling at times like a hungry hyena and barbed-wire guitar duo Slash and Izzy Stradlin producing a tumultuous series of rip-roaring riffs, huge hooks and lively licks. Fucking hard rockin’ riotous racket it was. Damn right!

Rolling Stone wrote: “GN’R mixed drugs, punk and classic rock to make their brilliantly trashy debut. The album looked both forward and backward: The punky rawness of its sound and the pained artistry of its lyrics made it a bridge between commercial Eighties hard rock and the alternative music of the next decade. But Appetite was also among the last classic rock records to be mastered with vinyl in mind, to be edited with a razor blade applied to two-inch tape, to be mixed by five people frantically pushing faders at a non-automated mixing board.”
Full review here.

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