Amazing ‘BARRETT’ Artwork 41 Years Ago Today

Artist: Syd Barrett
6 January 1946 – 7 July 2006

Who: Co-founder of massive psychedelic-stars-band Pink Floyd.
During the recordings of their 2nd LP back in 1968, Barrett was
kicked out of the group following his eccentric behaviour as a result
of his drugs addicition. He started a solo career, but it all ended soon
after only two longplayers.

Artwork: Cover of his second and final LP called BARRETT

Full album…
(#1 – #12)



6 January 2021

Active: 1965–1995, 2005, 2012–2014

Floyd’s debut single written by Syd Barrett.
About a transvestite whose weird hobby was
stealing women’s clothes and underwear
from washing lines.

Released: 10 March 1967

Note 1: The band’s manager had paid
to boost the single’s chart position.
It peaked at #20 in the UK.
Note 2: It was the first and last time
the band’s name was marked as
THE Pink Floyd (see hereunder).

Syd Barrett: Pink Floyd‘s first main songwriter/vocalist and co-founder in 1965
was born as Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett on 6 January 1946 – 75 years ago. Happy B.
In 1968 he was fired following drug abuse and mentally related problems. He
made two solo LPs in 1970. He passed away on 7 July 2006.

Here’s Arnold


The Madcap Laughs – first solo LP – 1970 – play on Spotify

‘BARRETT’ Released 50 Years Ago Today With A Little Help Of Pink Friends

14 November 2020

Artist: Syd Barrett
Album: Barrett
Released: 14 November 1970 – 50 years ago today

AllMusic: “On his second solo album, Barrett was joined by Humble Pie drummer Jerry Shirley and Pink Floyd members Rick Wright (organ) and Dave Gilmour (guitar). Gilmour and Wright acted as producers as well. Instrumentally, the result is a bit fuller and smoother than the first album, although it’s since been revealed that Gilmour and Wright embellished these songs as best they could without much involvement from Barrett, who was often unable or unwilling to perfect his performance. The songs, however, are just as fractured as on his debut, if not more so. “Baby Lemonade,” “Gigolo Aunt,” and the nursery rhyming “Effervescing Elephant” rank among his peppiest and best-loved tunes. Elsewhere, the tone is darker and more meandering. It was regarded as something of a charming but unfocused throwaway at the time of its release, but Barrett’s singularly whimsical and unsettling vision holds up well.” Score: 4.5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Probably still with his head in the clouds, Barrett showed again his songwriting skills and recorded them with two Pink Floyd’s. A mix of folk, pop, and psych-rock twists. Too bad it was already over after this second and final studio LP. Wish the crazy diamond had produced some more magic. R.I.P.

Full album…
(#1 – #12)


50 Years Ago Today SYD BARRETT Released His Solo Debut Album ‘THE MADCAP LAUGHS’…

4 January 2020

SYD BARRETT was the co-founder, the first leading conductor and the innovative and creative force of PINK FLOYD when the band formed in 1965. After recording 4 singles and Floyd‘s classic debut album The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn things went really wrong with Barrett‘s mental health due to excessive drug abuse and severe psychic
issues. His demeanour became a multi-faceted problem. He was fired in April 1968.

After seeking medical help Barrett returned to make music again as a solo artist. His debut LP ‘THE MADCAP LAUGHS‘ was released on 4 January 1970, 50 years ago today, with the assistance of several producers and fellow Pink Floyd members David Gilmour and Roger Waters, and also guest musicians such as Willie Wilson from Gilmour‘s old band Jokers Wild and Robert Wyatt of Soft Machine..

Every time I listen to this album I can’t but think of early Scott Walker, early Ray Davies and early David Bowie, all working on their own sound, on their own voice and on their own artistic path which began for all of them with folk-inspired songs characterized by their recognizable and ingenious musical Englishness. Despite good reviews, the album, an unpolished diamond in my book, wasn’t a bestseller. It peaked at #40 in the UK.

AllMusic wrote: “Wisely, The Madcap Laughs doesn’t even try to sound like a consistent record. Half the album was recorded by Barrett’s former bandmates Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour, and the other half by Harvest Records head Malcolm Jones. Surprisingly, Jones’ tracks are song for song much stronger than the more-lauded Floyd entries… ‘The Madcap Laughs’ is a surprisingly effective record that holds up better than its “ooh, look at that scary crazy person” reputation suggests.” Full review here. Score 4.5/5

Here’s sticky and peppy track ‘Octopus‘ that was released as the only single…

Album in full…

SYD BARRETT: Biography

SYD BARRETT Released Second And Final Album ‘BARRETT’ 49 Years Ago…

14 November 2019

SYD BARRETT, co-founder of PINK FLOYD in 1965 but fired because of his huge drug abuse in 1968, released his second and final solo LP, called ‘BARRETT’, on 14 November 1970, 49 years ago, only 10 months after his debut The Madcap Laughs.  His band consisted of Humple Pie’s drummer Jerry Shirley and Floyd members Rick Wright and
Dave Gilmour,
who also produced the LP . 

Here’s the album…
(Original tracklist: #1 – #12)

SYD BARRETT: Biography