TOYAH To ROBERT: “You Really Got Me”

19 July 2021

Probably the most famous couple on YouTube for months now.
Yes, I’m talking (again) about jolly couple TOYAH and her beloved
ROBERT going out of their minds every week with their Sunday
Cover Lunch Sessions.

Assisted by their spooky friend Sydney it’s Kinks time
now, with the trio trashing their timeless blockbuster
You Really Got Me.

Go for it, Toyah

The original

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Nobody Can Stop Firestarters TOYAH And ROBERT FRIPP

10 May 2021

Nothing or nobody can stop TOYAH, her husband/soulmate ROBERT
and friend Sydney from going loco every week – since April 2020 –
with their Sunday Lunch cover sessions.

This time they picked a not-so-obvious, but fitting, cracker from British
electro bulldozers The Prodigy. Again their hilarious performance will
put a big smile on your face.

Start the fire here and go loco too…

The original – R.I.P. Keith Flint

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