The Four EP Seasons Of WEEZER – Let’s Start With Springtime

21 March 2022

Veteran rockers WEEZER want to have fun this year.
They canned 4 new EPs for 2022, each one tied to a
different season. The fun is called SZNZ = Seasons.
Each EP will be released on the first day of each season.

The band say they were inspired by “magic, Pagan myths,
religious rituals, Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, Shakespeare and
more (so much more)

Springtime takes of today so turn up your stereo for EP number one SZNZ: Spring.
Seven sickly sticky tunes, seven instigative ear-pleasers, 7 x Weezer at their peppy
best with pick-me-up choruses and big smiles on their faces.

Welcome to Spring, ladies and gents…

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