BELLY – Finally Back With New Groovy And Electrifying Stroke ‘SHINY ONE’…

23 February 2018

Finally BELLY is back with new music. Led by the wonderful Tanya Donnelly this is
a long-awaited return of one of the most mesmeric popsmiths of the 90s. Brand new single SHINY ONE is a mid-tempo groove pearl that gets bigger and vivider along its electrifying way. Donelly‘s delightful vox is at the heart of this sparkling rainbow while glimmering guitars and an overall sticky swagger amplify the song tremendously.

An addictive grower you’ll have on repeat for a while to discover all layers of the splendiferous orchestrations, sunlit harmonies and rich arrangements. Welcome
back, Belly. Capture the beauty, here’s the audio clip…

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New album DOVE out 4 May 2018 – all info right here