Kraut-Psych-Synth Duo Score With New Swirling Single ‘THANK YOU’ From Their Upcoming 4th LP

New striking strokes

26 August 2022

(photo by Luz Gallardo via No Exit PR/Fuzz Club)

Band: The Vacant Lots
Who: Minimalist post-punk/synth-pop duo – Jared Artaud and Brian MacFadyen – from NYC. They gouge into the city’s immortal outsider spirit and underground cultural tropes, set against a pulsating backdrop of modern apocalypse.
Active: Since 2010 / 4 studio LPs so far (new one incl.)

New album: CLOSURE
Release: 30th September via Fuzz Club Records
Pre-order info: here

Album artwork by Ivan Liechti

“Created under isolation, ‘Closure’ is the fourth album from Brooklyn duo The Vacant
Lots and is Jared Artaud and Brian MacFadyen’s most fully realized work to date. The record
packs 8 minimal is maximal salvos into 23 minutes that coalesce into a stun-blast soundtrack for today’s shattered society. Laced with evocatively concise and lacerating lyrics delivered detached and deadpan, ‘Closure’s spine-chilling onslaught of towering guitar shrapnel, ethereal metallic synth melodies and cold electronic turbulence comes infused with shades of New Order and Jesus And Mary Chain.

The kind of modern disco and post-punk grooves that pillaged New York clubs in the 80s. Inevitably, the penetrating spirit of New York electronic trailblazers Suicide haunts the new record with its subterranean gravitational pull, having previously manifested physically when the two-piece befriended the late Alan Vega, leading to collaborations and support spots. “

New single: THANK YOU

Expect an electronic toe-tapping banger with a speedy repetitive drive that makes your eager head rotate and drones in your head on repeat. Razzle-dazzle Kraut-psychedelia bringing German pioneers Can and Faust, but in a modern-day modus.

This instant sticking mind-twister has a stimulating effect
on your bloodstream. Thank you for that, Vacant Lots. Score!

Press play and get puzzled…


106. 579 – THANK YOU, WORLD!

3 January 2022

Well, well, I never thought it would come to this when I started
my TURN UP THE VOLUME blog back in 2015, to kill some time
now and then.

But over the years more and more music junkies, artists, PR agencies and
record labels found their way to TURN UP THE VOLUME which motivated
me to write more and more and, eventually, spending all of my free time
with blogging.

An overview of the number of
views over the past 6 years.

2015: 11.544
2016: 27.236
2017: 43.911
2018: 51.489
2019: 66.869
2020: 100.071
2021: 106.579

31% are American visitors
22% are UK visitors
7% are Belgian visitors
5.5% are from Canada
3% are from France
31.50 % from rest of the world