Summer Live – Louisville Rockers MY MORNING JACKET Covered THE BEATLES At This Year’s PEACH MUSIC FESTIVAL

One festival track a day means daily holiday

Louisville rockers MY MORNING JACKET released
their latest, self-titled album – their 9th LP – in 2021.
You can stream it here.

They took the road afterward and still are entertaining
their fans this year, mostly at festivals.

Last weekend, they performed at the Peach Music Festival in Scranton, PA.

As many artists/bands do at summer festivals is playing covers. So did MMJ with the
1969 Beatles hit The Ballad Of John And Yoko, that tells the story of their contested marriage in Gibraltar. Actually, it was only Lennon & McCartney who played/sang on it.


MMJ: Instagram

Rolls Royce Clip For ‘THE BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO’ – No 1 In The UK This Day In 1969

For your eyes

11 June 2023

Today 54 years ago, on 11 June 1969, The Fab Four (in this case only Paul and John were involved in the recording/production) topped the UK Singles Chart with THE BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO. Actually one of my all-time favourite Lennon classics. It was the band’s 17th and final Numero Uno in their native country. The song tells the story of the eventful days of the marriage of the late genius John and his muse Yoko Ono while driving in a Rolls.

Baby, you can drive my expensive car.

THE BEATLES: Facebook – Instagram