‘Ballad Of John And Yoko’ By THE BEATLES – No 1 In The UK This Day In 1969

Top singles from the past…

13 June 2020

Today 51 years ago, on 12 June 1969, The Fab Four (in this case only Paul and John were involved) topped the UK Singles Chart with BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO. Actually one of my all-time favourite Lennon classics. It was the band’s 17th and final Numero Uno in their native country. The song tells the story of the eventful days of the marriage of the late genius and his muse Yoko Ono. It stills sounds brilliant.

Baby, you can drive my car here…


All You Need Is Love – NOEL GALLAGHER Covering His All Time Favorite Band

It’s no secret that NOEL GALLAGHER named THE BEATLES on countless occasions
as his all-time favorite band. Damn right. On his last tour (2018) promoting his latest album Who Built The Moon? he always ended his set with timeless anthem ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. Cheesy? Certainly not when you experienced it live with ecstatic crowds singing along en masse, as I did when he played Brussels.

This knockout version performed the same year at Belgium’s Rock Werchter Festival
with a choir of 50.000 will put a big smile on your face, and yes, in these troubled
times we need love, more than ever…

The legendary premiere of the original…


‘Ticket To Ride’ By THE BEATLES – Number One In The UK 55 Years Ago…

Top singles from the past…

22 May 2020

Band: The Beatles – the invisible masters of
big tunes and catchy melodies
Single: Ticket To Ride
Written by John Lennon
B-sideYes It Is
Released: 9 April 1965 in the UK 
and 19 April in the US
Score: No 1 in the UK on 22 May 1965
55 (!) years ago today
Album:  Help! – the Fab Four’s fifth studio LP

Let’s take a ride…

THE BEATLES:  Facebook

Best Band Of The Nineties Covering The Best Band Of All Time…

11 May 2020

It’s no secret that the Kain and Abel brothers of rock ‘n’ roll, aka Liam & Noel Gallagher were big fans of THE BEATLES. The best band ever in history (in my book) with Liam
loving John Lennon that much that at one time, according to Noel, he started to talk
with a Liverpool accent. Mad for it as usual.

So it’s no wonder that OASIS – the best band of the 90s (also in my book) – covered
several classic songs by The Fab Four. I selected three of the best. Sing along right
here, right now…

(Noel solo under the Oasis banner)

(Steamy live version – London 1995)

(Live in Tornto, 2000)

OASIS: Facebook


THE BEATLES Released Their Final Album ‘LET IT BE’ 50 Years Ago…

8 May 2020

Today 50 years ago, on 8 May 1970, the Fab Four released their twelfth and final album
LET IT BE, a month after they split up. An album Macca wanted it to sound as a classic rock record. During the recordings, George Harrison left for a brief period of time and producer Phil Spector moved, as usual in mysterious ways.

Despite the longplayer’s commercial triumph – it topped the charts in America and the
UK – the reviews were mixed. It was obviously not their best work, but still, a solid gold achievement compared to many mainstream LPs that appeared in the early seventies.
Outstanding tracks Get Back, The Long Winding Road, Let It Be and Across The Universe, a
24 karat Lennon masterpiece, are among the best songs THE BEATLES ever wrote.

Rolling Stone‘s impressions: “The greatest band of all time gave the world their final album together on May 8th, 1970 The Beatles released Let It Be, the Phil Spector-produced LP that featured hits like the title track, “The Long and Winding Road” and one of John Lennon’s most famous compositions, “Across the Universe.” While the album was recorded during the band’s caustic final days, Let It Be would go on to become one of their most celebrated records: it ranked Number 86 in Rolling Stone‘s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.”

Top tracks…

(on the roof)




Album in full…


THE BEATLES Released Their Top Album ‘RUBBER SOUL’ 54 Years Ago Today…

3 December 2019

THE BEATLES released one of their best albums ‘RUBBER SOUL’ on 3 December 1965,
54 years ago. It was their sixth longplayer with almost every track a winner and several standout pieces such as ‘Nowhere Man, ‘Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)‘ (with George Harrison for the first time on sitar), ‘Drive My Car‘ and ‘Girl‘. It was the LP on which The Fab Four assisted by the sonic creativity of producer George Martin started to experiment with all kinds of studio techniques. The record topped both the UK and the US Chart.

AllMusic wrote: “While the Beatles still largely stuck to love songs on ‘Rubber Soul’, the lyrics represented a quantum leap in terms of thoughtfulness, maturity, and complex ambiguities. Musically, too, it was a substantial leap forward, with intricate folk-rock arrangements that reflected the increasing influence of Dylan and the Byrds. The group and George Martin were also beginning to expand the conventional instrumental parameters of the rock group…
Full review here. Score: 5/5

Album in full right here…

THE BEATLES: Website – Facebook

Back sleeve

THE BEATLES Scored Their 18th No 1 Hit In The US 50 Years Ago With ‘SOMETHING / COME TOGETHER’…

29 November 2019

The Liverpool legends scored their 18th Number One Hit in the US with double A-side single ‘SOMETHING/COME TOGETHER’ on 29 November 1969, yes, that’s 50 years ago today! Both songs came from the ‘Abbey Road’ album. ‘Come Together‘ was the opener
of the LP, written by John Lennon and the magical ballad ‘Something’ was an ode to his then wife Patti Boyd by George Harrison who died today 18 years ago, only 58.

Here are the two pearls…