THE BLACK KEYS Released Their 12th Album ‘DROPOUT BOOGIE’ Today

13 May 2022

Band: THE BLACK KEYS (Akron, Ohio)
Who: Best known blues-rock duo in the world
Active: Since 2001 / 12 LPs (new one included)

Released: 13 May 2022 – order info here

Pitchfork: “The Black Keys can still resemble the same dudes from Akron
who found their calling 20 years ago by tuning out the world and getting lost
in their own greasy groove. Only now, they don’t have to settle for merely
conjuring the spirit of their blues-rock idols—they can actually invite them
to their studio.”
Full review here. Score 6/10.

Turn Up The Volume: The Black Keys cover
The Black Keys and sound exactly like The Black Keys.

Singles/clips: It Ain’t Over / Wild Child



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Sexy TOYAH (Too Sexy For You Tube) And Lonely Boy ROBERT Cover THE BLACK KEYS In 9 Takes

8 May 2022

(Still from the video clip)

It’s Sunday. It’s Toyah and Robert day. The tandem is simply
unstoppable. Today the comical pair picked The Black Keys
megahit Lonely Boy.

YouTube labeled the duo’s video age-restricted, so you need to go
directly to YT to see the clip. Why? Because Toyah looks terribly sexy?
Are you serious, YT? Incredibly ridiculous!

Check it out for yourselves, folks…

The Black Keys original

They Still Got The Same Old Blues – THE BLACK KEYS Share Their Brand New Single/Video ‘WILD CHILD’

New striking strokes

11 March 2022

Band: THE BLACK KEYS (Akron, Ohio)
Who: Best known blues-rock duo in the world
Active: Since 2001 / 12 LPs (new one included)

Out: 13 May 2022 – order info here

Info: “As they’ve done their entire career, The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney wrote all of the material for their new album, Dropout Boogie, in the studio, and the album captures a number of first takes that hark back to the stripped-down blues rock of their early days making music together in Akron, Ohio, basements. After hashing out initial ideas at Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville, the duo welcomed new collaborators Billy F. Gibbons, Greg Cartwright, and Angelo Petraglia to the sessions, marking the first time they’ve invited multiple new contributors to work simultaneously on one of their own albums.”

Lead single: WILD CHILD

The blues tandem looks like a pair of stand-up comedians on the new album cover. It’s true, they never saw themselves as rock ‘n roll innovators. They just wanna have fun (and make a copious living out of it). Wild Child just confirms all that. It’s Black Keys by numbers. A bit too much of the same, if you ask me.

Press play…

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THE BLACK KEYS Play Some Steamy Delta Blues Live On American TV

16 May 2021

Last Friday blues-rock tandem THE BLACK KEYS dropped Delta Kream.
A steamy and sweaty collection honoring their heroes of the Mississippi
Hill Country Blues

The same day, night actually, the Keys and two amigos played live, from
an unknown place, two pieces for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.
Pretty cool performances.

Feel the sweltering vibe here…

(Original by R.L. Burnside)

(Original by John Lee Hooker)

Delta Kream in full…


THE BLACK KEYS Honor Their Blues Idols – Covers Album ‘DELTA KREAM’ Out Now

14 May 2021

(artwork photo: William Eggleston)

The famous blues-rock tandem THE BLACK KEYS went back to the roots that inspired
and fueled their successful career. Today their album of covers of golden blues oldies, titled DELTA KREAM arrived. A collection honoring the heroes of the Mississippi Hill Country Blues.

NME says:“The duo have never courted celebrity, and here they delve deeper than ever before into the swampy roots of their genre’s forefathers… This record reinforces a willing and gradual retreat from the rock juggernaut space The Black Keys once occupied. The moody jams bubble with authenticity in a deeply satisfying trip back in time. While this record is unlikely to bring the band or the cultural touchstones they cover back to the top, it’s a soul-searching move that satisfies their own fandom while showing they’ll never compromise.”
Read the full interview here. Score: 3/5.

Two of the originals that got a Black Keys touch…

John Lee Hooker

Junior Kimbrough

in full…


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