THE BREEDERS – Here’s The Heartfelt Title Track Fom Their New Album… ‘ALL NERVE’

9 January 2018

THE BREEDERS will release their first album in ten years ‘ALL NERVE‘ on 2 March. After sharing first flaming single Wait In The Car last October , the band now launched the title track. A fragile and profound love musing. Discover the gracious song here…

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ALL NERVE – details on new album here on 4AD

THE BREEDERS Perform ‘DRIVIN ON 9’ In Bed To Raise Funds For Children Facing Cancer…

Special live performances…

Bedstock is a one-of-a-kind, life-changing online music festival, where artists play from bed for sick kids stuck in theirs. It helps raise funds and awareness for MyMusicRx , a program that delivers the healing power of music to hospitalized kids across the country. On November 28 nearly hundred artists (such as Ed Sheeran, Nick Jonas, Ringo Starr, Iron
and Wine, Songhoy Blues, Cheap Trick, Lemon Twigs, Deer Tick
…) sang from their beds to show solidarity with thousands of sick kids spending the holidays in hospital beds.

! You can support the cause by sharing the video’s of those
unique performances and donating here at Bedstock !

Here are THE BREEDERS who participated with one of their cool lullabies ‘DRIVIN ON 9‘…

ALL performances right here

THE BREEDERS – Amplified Lullabies And Jingle Jangle Firework In Belgium…

THE BREEDERS – Trix, Antwerp – 23 October 2017

Aloha THE BREEDERS. The most famous twins in rock history, the Deal sisters annex bashing drummer Jim Macpherson and immovable bassist Josephine Wiggs are back.
With a new album in the pipeline they came to Europe for a string of gigs to get back in
live shape‘. The first image that hit me was that Kim and Kelley, although a bit older (like everyone) looked fresh, spirited and yes, better than, say, 20 years ago. Second thought: the first ever time I saw Kim performing was in 1990 with the PIXIES. I remember well she
was smiling from start to finish and on all other occasions I witnessed her later on AND also yesterday night she had her charming ‘little girl‘ smile on her face throughout the whole show. On the other hand you could see clearly that they were all nervous and hesitant. But the crowd’s euphoric response from the first chord on gave them enough confidence to play a solid show. The setlist was a mix of classic Breeders crackers (like
No Ahola / Saints / Cannonball
), amplified lullabies (Glorious / Off You / Night Of Joy and the delightful Do You Love Me Now), some Amps tracks, one gigantic Pixies belter and two new songs, one being their new storming single ‘Wait In The Car’

Overall the Ohio Express, assisted now and then on guitar by their tall Kentucky roadie, delivered the goods as expected. An emotional and electrical performance, although the balance of the set wasn’t actually perfect. Every rocker was followed by a couple of soft ones which slowed the rhythm of the concert down and also the audience’s stream of adrenalin. Something the girls will surely work on for the future I guess, after all that’s
why try-outs are for. Anyway, it was an absolute thrill to see/hear them back again, for
me and for the at times ecstatic spectators. And YES, Kim ‘s eyes twinkled as never before, while smiling of course. Legends forever…

I know it’s stronger than myself, but I have to hear it again and again…

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(concert pics: JL/Turn Up The Volume)

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here Are… THE BREEDERS

Weekly firework to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

There are three reasons to play THE BREEDERS on this blue Monday. One: twin sisters Kim and Kelley Deal are the coolest rock ladies ever in my book. Two: the band will tour Europe again this fall with me in the front row at their show in Antwerp as I bought a ticket for the gig last week. Three: my ears actually don’t need a specific reason to get spoilt by this brill gang. It’s sonic firework I can listen to any day of the week. Let’s roll some cannonballs…




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