ROLLING STONE MAG Names Horrible Albums By 50 Great Artists (Turn Up The Volume Names 5)

America’s legendary music magazine ROLLING STONE revealed their list of
50 Genuinely Horrible Albums by Brilliant Artists featuring artists/bands
such as The Clash, Kiss, Kanye West, R.E.M., Metallica and Neil Young.


It inspired Turn Up the Volume to come up,
just from the top of the head with 5 awful ones.

Here we go.

1. ‘Human After All’ by DAFT PUNK (2005)

I never was a DP fan. Their cheap 80s disco retro resonance, their
stupidly distorted voices, no thank you. And this one was their worst.

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2. The Great Rock And Roll Swindle by SEX PISTOLS

The Sex Pistols only made one album ‘Never Mind the Bollocks‘. Still the best punk rock LP
in my book. But this money-grabbing collection presented as the soundtrack to an awful (never-finished) movie was the late manager Malcolm Mclaren‘s pure cash-in act. Of course, anybody knew it, he in the first place (thumbs up for the title), but talking about flogging a dead horse.

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3. ‘Metal Music Machine’ by LOU REED (1975)

No surprise but I like the idea: a big-fuck-you music industry record. I like the artwork.
I like Lou Reed a lot (actually one of my all-time fav artists) and I actually like the guts
of the person who gave his fiat to release this horrible noise LP.

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4. The Car by ARCTIC MONKEYS (2022)

AM (read Alex Turner) evolved from inventive indie pop-punk revelation
to a lousy version of crooner bands like The National and the Bad Seeds.
A reeaallyy boring album.

5. The Weirdness by THE STOOGES (2007)

Why bad? It was such a disappointment (after having high expectations) when
I first heard it. It was a quick and cheap way to promote the reunion of one of the best
proto-punk bands ever. Take the money and run. As much as I love Iggy Pop, this was a (rare) low (mind you, still better than everything Blink-1982 and similar fake punk bands ever produced).

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From Punk Rockers To Crooner Combo – ARCTIC MONKEYS Share First Single Off New Upcoming Album

30 August 2022

Who: Sheffield heroes fronted
by singer-songwriter Alex Turner
Active: Since 2002 / 7 studio LPs (new one incl.)

New album: THE CAR
Release: 21 October 2022 – pre-order info here


Artwork new single

The monkeys already premiered a new cut, called I’m Not Quite Where I Think I Am,
a smooth, jazzy vibe, live a couple of weeks ago, but here’s the official first single.

There’d Better Be A Mirrorball sounds exactly like a track from
their could previous longplayer Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

Yep, Turner returns back to his piano and tries hard again to be a vintage crooner,
but he hasn’t the voice for it, too light and far away from the real crooners like Nick
Cave, Leonard Cohen
and Tom Waits.

The days of exciting Monkeys punk rock commotion are obviously over. If that’s what Turner wants, he should go further up that road. Whatever he does his fans will adore
it anyway.

ARCTIC MONKEYS: Website – Instagram