SEVEN IN THE MIX – 7 New Indie Injections – Week 32

7 new rad indie injections to load up your batteries every 7 days

8 August 2022

Who: Guitar pop team from Hamilton, ON, Canada

Funky drum-driven groove with an immediate, vitalizing impact on the movements of your limbs. Shiny synths here and there, lively guitar lines, and in the middle the wonderful voice of Giuliana Frontini (who also wrote the lyrics) growing in fervor in the middle and near the end.



Who: 𝔖𝔦𝔫𝔀𝔒𝔯, 𝔰𝔬𝔫𝔀𝔴𝔯𝔦𝔱𝔒𝔯, π”Ÿπ”©π”¬π”¬π”‘π”±π”₯𝔦𝔯𝔰𝔱𝔢 π”£π”žπ”’π”―π”¦π”’
from London
Track: HAPPY

“Happy is a song about how the world can appear when medication such as Mirtazapine provides the much needed rose tinted glasses that allow me to participate in the ever grinding cogs of a crumbling capitalist society.”

This is dope stuff to wake up to for a HAPPY day. This is a rap-turous-pop firecracker
to turn your depressive state of mind upside down. This is sonic medication that helps
to survive all the shit going on right now on our chaotic planet.


Band: LUCKY DAY (Newcastle, NSW)
Who: Two guys who love
to jam out to a crowd!

The infectious lividity from the kick-off made me immediately smile from left to right and back. It’s sickly sticky, jangly and jaunty, vivid and vibrant with exuberant guitars all over the place, exultant vocals, and a dynamic chorus. These 2 lucky days deserve tons of fresh air.

Track from their excellent A Good Mother’s Hell EP.

LUCKY DAY: Facebook


(photo via Velvet Blues Music)

Who: Indie guitar pop trio from Phoenix, Arizona

This is a splendid dream-pop tune that sticks on the spot. Sparkling guitars,
an infective cadence, shiny synths here and there, and warm-hearted vocals.
The War On Drugs are not far away.


FINE CHINA: Discography


Band: DUMB
Who: Swinging 4-piece from Toronto, CA

When you mix sassy ska fueled with zestful trumpets, guitar electricity Γ  la Television‘s
Tom Verlaine
and your song is shorter than a Ramones one my ears are all ears. So should be yours.

DUMB: Spotify


(Photo by Dan Wiebe)

Who: Power pop team from Manchester UK
Track: BULL (On Wheels Pulls Thread)

“Bull is written from the perspective of someone who feels
a change within themselves. From denial, to acceptance.”

This is a greatly orchestrated pop symphony moving like a rollercoaster. Fizzing synths, robust drum/bass, scintillating 4-strings, passionate vocals, and a heartfelt chorus. Score!


Who: Daydreamers from Toronto Canada

Sonic dreaming at its finest with a tantalizing tune that
gets under your skin, slowly but surely. Relaxing, uplifting
and airy-fairy. Just what you need on a lazy day in the sun.

As the band says themselves: ‘Our music is the sonic equivalent
of waking up in a good mood, a tight blend of dancea’.



All 7 together

See/hear you next week, music junkies

Here’s TURN UP THE VOLUME’s Knockout Team For February 2018!…

Striking vibrations that good we play it on

TWELVE KNOCKOUTS I played on repeat in FEBRUARY!
An ace cocktail of addictive bangers & smoking grooves
activating all my senses and itchy limbs this past month!
TURN UP THE VOLUME! Here are twelve stellar kicks…

1/ ‘Distant Colours’ by MANIC STREET PREACHERS (Wales)
I’m a sucker for anthemic melancholia and the Manics are experts on the matter…
Album: Resistance Is Futile – out 6 April via Columbia Records

2/ ‘Shiny One’ by BELLY (Boston, US)
Boston’s guitar popsmiths return with sultry groove energized with a glorious chorus…
Album: ‘Dove’ out 4 May – all info right here

3/ ‘Dig’ by SEAZOO (Wales)
Irresistible earworm with rich harmonies and a sticky chorus going under your skin…
Album: Trunks – out now – stream/purchase via Bandcamp

4/ ‘New Values’ by SHOPPING (London/Glasgow)
Electro weirdness and glimmering guitars. Highly feverish beat, snappy as bloody hell…
Album: The Official Body – out now – stream/purchase via Bandcamp

5/ ‘And Play A Game’ by JUJU (Italy)
Intoxicating psychedelia with a multi-layered, mind-boggling and trippy flow! Ace!…
Album: Our Mother Was A Plant – stream/purchase on Bandcamp

6/ ‘Sleep / Paralysis by PLATTENBAU (base: Berlin,Germany)
Electro paranoia with tribal drums pushing the startling Krautrock beat continuously…

7/ ‘Perfect Routine’ by TUBELIGHT (Belgium)
The Fall is dead! Long live Tubelight! Belgian top band scores big time…
Album:Β Expert By Virtue, Thereof out now – available on iTunes

8/ ‘Temper’ by SUSS CUNTS (Melbourne, Australia)
Amplified jingle jangle riffage from down under. Witty and punky. Strapping score!

9/ ‘Greenman’ by SCHOOL DISCO ((Plymouth, United Kingdom)
Surf injected psychedelia with a rockabilly Cramps edge. A spacey firecracker all the way…

10/ ‘Stop’ by HOUSEHATS (Norway/Australia)
Unstoppable bolide fueled by relentless, repetitive riffs. Infectious & head-spinning stuff…

11/ ‘Suck The Blood From My Wound’ by EZRA FURMAN (Evanston, IL, US)
Mixed emotions passion and a heartfelt intensity that gives you goosebumps…
Album:Β Transangelic Exodus – out now – on iTunes

12/ ‘Stargazer’ by THE CROWLEYS (Hamilton, Canada)
Spellbinding psych escapade driven by endless, sparkling riffs that will enchant you…
EP: new one called COLOURS CHANGE THEIR TONE – discover/stream/purchase here

See/hear you next month, music junkies