Garage Amazons THE DARTS Fired-Up On New 3-Track EP ‘LOVE TSUNAMI’

Daily Electricity to load your batteries

21 April 2022

Who: Inflammable engine
from Phoenix, Arizona
Albums: 3 so far

The Darts (2017)
Me. Ow. (2017)
I Like You But Not Like that (2019)

Recording starts on our new full-length for Alternative Tentacles Records
this month, with direct production assistance from Jello Biafra.

The vinyl format comes this summer.

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Turn Up The Volume: The Darts? They sound cool, look cool and rawk ‘n roll cool.

This Devilish American Rip-roaring Turbo Squad do it again on this new 3-track EP
with a garage hurricane (Love Tsunami), a mid-tempo groover (Shit Show) and another
brisk belter (Underground). And again, Nicole Laurenne, the utterly charismatic dart in
the middle, fires-up the tracks with her sexy 60s-sounding organ.

The electrifying Amazons hit the bullseye once more.

Press play here…


Nicole Laurenne: vocals / farfisa
Meliza Jackson: guitars / vocals
Christina Nunez: bass / vocals
Etti Bowen: drums
Gerald Schöenherr: theremin

All songs by Nicole Laurenne

Recorded by Gerald Schöenherr at El Sonida Recording, Mesa AZ
for Adrenalin Fix Music / Dirty Water Records / Beluga Records / Ghost Highway Recordings
Mastered by AD Mastering (FR)
Photo by Kelly Sahr

Merch info here

Devils In Disguise – ‘I LIKE YOU BUT NOT LIKE THAT’ By Garage Turbo THE DARTS

7 June 2020

The Devilish American Rip-roaring Turbo Squad – in short THE DARTS – unleashed
their second fantabulous album, entitled ‘I LIKE YOU BUT NOT LIKE THAT’ one year ago
via their friend and punk legend Jello Biafra‘s record label Alternative Tentacles Records. An inflammable piece of sexy organ-fueled firework. A heated mix of the nastiest vibes of 60s garage rockabilly injected with an illegal dose of Riot Grrrl flamboyance and spiced with a blazing portion of Cramps hullabaloo.

These four graveyard loving ladies can heat up any lame party. I saw them do it twice.
The King would have called them ‘Devils in disguise‘. Oh, and did I mention they look,
walk and talk as one of the coolest gangs that ever walked this lockdown planet?

Let’s have some foreplay with the two steamy singles of the LP…



Now, buy yourself a ticket to hell
right here, right now…

THE DARTS: Facebook

Working hard for the money…

BANDCAMP Supports Indie Artists Today – Here Are 10 Ace Records To Purchase…

20 March 2020

Today Bandcamp supports musicians everywhere by waiving its revenue share and rallying the Bandcamp community to put much-needed money directly into the artists’ pockets. Hail hail Bandcamp!

Turn Up The Volume selected 10 standout records you should definitely consider to
buy. Awesome album that will boost your adrenalin in these troubled times.

Here we go…

‘Black City‘ by RICH GIRLS
Music for the midnight hours.
Companion for moony moments.

‘Bejahung’ by ELEFANT
A synthtastic motherrocker. A schizophrenic
adventure. A crazed mindfucker.

‘A Life Extinct’ by CROSS WIRES
Blistering post punk that tackles
the grim times we experience with
a biting potency.

My War Is Your War‘ by DEUX FURIEUSES
A beseeching and vociferous call-up
for solidarity, unity, universal respect.

‘Ghost’ by FALLING MAN
Manic anxiety. Haunting stories.
Red-hot riffs. Top stuff!

‘Experiments In The Dark‘ EP by WHERE WE SLEEP
Mesmerizing electro grooves,
Fascinating and emotive.

‘Run Amok‘ by THE GLÜCKS
Devilish garage havoc.
Smoking hullabaloo.

‘I Like You But Not Like That’ by THE DARTS
Sultry, steamy, snappy, savage,
sensual, sweltering,sizzling.

‘Zum Kotzen‘ by PINK ROOM
Twenty minutes of madness
Clamorous vomit. Punk rage.

Electro ‘drone n roll’and
atmospheric soundscapes.

Bandcamp: Website

Garage Misfits THE DARTS Go Black And White In New Video ‘BREAKUP MAKEUP’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

13 August 2019

American garage misfits THE DARTS scored the liveliest and sultriest LP of the year so
far with I Like You But Not Like That. To remind us all of that indisputable fact they just unleashed a new video for ‘BREAKUP MAKEUP’, one of the hottest cuts on the LP. It’s the first time that I and probably you too will see flashes of the rockin’ ladies in white dresses. Beware, don’t let them fool you. They didn’t turn into angels overnight. They still rattle like bloodthirsty devils. They still race like sizzling beatniks. Check it out for yourself here…

THE DARTS: Facebook

Album I LIKE YOU BUT NOT LIKE THAT out now – available here

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S ALL STAR TEAM – Best Albums Of 2019… So Far

The albums that had a buzzing impact on Turn Up The Volume‘s greedy ears so far this year


‘Drogel‘ by FONTAINES D.C. (Dublin, Ireland)
A razor-sharp modern day post punk record about youth’s anxiety and apprehension for the future. Packed with adrenalized ripsnorters having an instant impact on your body’s movements. These young Irish wolves with their charismatic frontman will be big soon.

Play here…

‘Serfs Up!’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY (London, UK)
South-London‘s desperadoes are back with a versatile record of multi-layered tunefulness, hypnotic grooviness and funky psychedelia. Less provocative, but still enough wicked tales and barbed observations. Half speed, half valium. And live still one of the trenchant best!

Play here…

‘Schlagenheim’ by black midi (London, UK)
Indie guitar explosiveness with an experimental bravado, a deafening weightiness, and an acute vox in the middle. Totally refreshing, nastily cutting and forthright. Imposing debut!

Play here…

‘Welcome To Silvertown’ by SAINT AGNES
After years of sweaty work this 4-headed British psycho-blues-rock turbo released its
RIP-ROARING debut lonplayer filled with filthy licks, devilish hooks and hair-rising guitar electricity while singer/guitarist Kitty Austen leads the wicked troops with sensual panache!

Play here…

‘Amyl And The Sniffers’ by AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS (Melbourne, Australia)
70s punk and glam rock revisited with kamikaze frontwoman Amyl Taylor spitting and sneering madly and wildly. The Runaways, The Plasmatics and Motörhead, all in one. Ace!

Play here…

‘Peuk’ by PEUK (Belgium)
Smashing debut achievement by this fresh Belgian grunge engine with clamorous and soul-stirringly howling singer/guitarist Nele screaming her heart and lungs out and leaving you behind out of breath and pretty puzzled. Gloriously noisy and exorcistic! Hallelujah!

Play here…

‘I Like You but Not Like That’ by THE DARTS
Sultry, steamy, snappy, savage, sensual, sweltering and sizzling. Yep, THE DARTS are back with their second LP! Furious garage fireworks to go nuts to the way YOU and THEY like it.

Play here…

‘Musica Alla Puttanesca’ by MADONNATRON (London, UK)
Spellbinding sonic mantras wrapped in seductive tunefulness, both poppy and punky. Spooky stories interwoven with astute humor. And… best album title AND artwork in ages.

Play here…

‘Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness by YAK (Wolverhampton, UK)
This glowing trio’s second LP surprises in a bizarre, yet very fascinating way by its mystifying mix of nastily loud and strangely quiet, its fuse of reflection and rage. Top!

Play here…


TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks Of MAY 2019…

This past month’s best…

Quote - kopie (2)

Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A hot cocktail of rip-roaring rippers and cracking cuts.
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout May Team!

1. ‘My Way’ by THE DARTS (L.A/Phoenix, US)
The only crazed way, is The Darts way. This corker is on these fiery garage bats’ 2nd album.

1. ‘Gacked On Anger’ by AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS (Melbourne, Australia)
Ignore the fake news. Rock and roll is not dead!! These sweaty Aussies are the living proof.

3. ‘The Witching Hour’ by SAINT-AGNES (London, UK)
Blues rock voodoo that nails you to the cross. So will debut LP ‘Welcome To Silvertown’.

4. ‘Meat Week’ by BROKEN BABY (L.A. CA, US)
Loud and crystal clear tirade bottled in a motorik bass/drum beat pushed groove. Yeah!

5. ‘Calm Down Aka I Should Not Be Alone’ by EZRA FURMAN (Evanston, IL, US)
A totally not-calm corker, full of peppy vivacity and fervent emotion from upcoming LP.

6. ‘Even Tough’ by HOLY MAGICK (Brighton, UK)
A magnetic trance-like groove that sticks from the get-go. Discover their debut LP here.

7. ‘Shake It‘ by FERAL FIVE (East London, UK)
Tremendous racy electro killer with an instant impact on your hips, feet and mind…

8. ‘The Joker’
by THE STONE BIRDS (Portsmouth, UK)
From a slow-burning torch to a droning steamroller with attitude and swagger. Score!

9. ‘Lonesome Prairie’ by SOUVENIR DRIVER (Portland, OR, US)
Glorious amplified pop pearl from their new stellar album A Dangerous Crossing.

10. ‘Little Romance’ by ECHOTAPE (South England)
Ecstatic tonality, effervescent flow, bang-up vocals, and an exuberant chorus. Top!

11. ‘Hesitate’ by SOCIAL STATION (Washington D.C., US)
Warm synths, infectious percussion, pulsating bass, and dreamy vocals. Melancholic gem!

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Garage Bats THE DARTS Launch Inflammable Clip For Their New Single ‘LOVE U 2 DEATH’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

20 May 2019

A couple of weeks ago garage turbine THE DARTS dropped their brand new single LOVE U 2 DEATH. “A slow bass driven slam moving dangerously like a vicious serpent, slowly but surely heading towards its prey” wrote Turn Up the Volume! Now the bloodthirsty ladies have launched an inflammable video clip to visualize this deadly love song. Collect all your old furniture and lit a glowing fire for the most adorable bats in the world. Here they come…

THE DARTS: Facebook

New album I LIKE YOU BUT NOT LIKE THAT out via Alternative Tentacles on 24th May

Garage Force THE DARTS Unleashes New Bass Slam Serpent ‘LOVE U 2 DEATH’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

4 May 2019

After their steamy 2017 debut album Me.oW rocking Phoenix/LA steamrollers THE DARTS are gearing up to launch brand new longplayer I LIKE YOU BUT NOT LIKE THAT. But for all you impatient, drooling fans out there who can’t wait here’s the lead single.

LOVE U 2 DEATH is a slow bass driven slam moving dangerously like a vicious serpent, slowly but surely heading towards its prey. Nicole Laurenne‘s possessed sounding vox affirms strongly her unyielding power. ‘You have no idea what I’m capable of‘ she warns
with a witching whisper. Demonic guitars and some sinister keyboard sequences add to the overall puzzling eradiation of this sweltering love story that has the scary imagery of
a haunting Nick Cave murder ballad. Don’t be afraid, tune in right here…

THE DARTS: Facebook

New album I LIKE YOU BUT NOT LIKE THAT out via Alternative Tentacles on 24th May