Turn Up The Volume’s 5 BEST ALBUMS Of AUGUST 2023

1. ‘The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons’ by THE HIVES

TUTV: Expect a tsunami of Molotov cocktails, punk-o-rama riffage, and yell-along
refrains spit out by primal screamer Pele. No rest for the wicked. Beware, this explosive record can damage your speakers. On the other hand, it’s the ideal soundtrack for banging your poor head against a wall of your choice and/or jumping up and down like a madman/woman.

KEY SINGLE: Countdown To Shutdown



2. ‘The Poolest Of The Mall’ by SWIMWEAR DEPARTMENT

Who: 4 kooky indies from Houston.

“It’s their sophomore LP. Recorded with Grammy-winning producer Steve Christensen.
The 10 tracks discuss only two topics: swimming pools and shopping malls. Although
the themes initially appear whimsical or even trivial on the surface, Swimwear Department skilfully sculpts experiences laden with emotional depth and profundity.”

Learn more about the band, via this video.

TUTV: The summer is not over until it’s over. Enter Swimwear Department and their new jump-up-and-down pool party soundtrack. Expect bouncy, brisk, and bold stuff you can hip-and-hop to like a kangaroo on E. Think post-Devo-punk weirdness combined with rap-rant Beastie Boys lunacy translated in 10 instantly infectious tunes (except for coming down closer Memall). If you’re a punk surfer, this is your kind of stimulant to brave the waves.

They spice up all the excitement with schizo 70s-organ glow, non-stop pumping bass turbulence, steadfast drum hits, agitated guitar fragments and an expressive vocalist sneering a bit like The Fall‘s late legend Mark E. Smith used to do for a living. Frequently
all-together-now chants pop up, which you want to be a part of. Sounds like big fun, right? You betcha.



3. ‘Mommy’ by BE YOUR OWN PET

Nashville‘s inflammable garage rockers had some loud fun between 2004-2008,
vanished into oblivion afterward, but last year they couldn’t stop themselves from
coming back and starting to play an endless series of gigs ahead of their brand new
3rd LP, titled Mommy released last week.

TUTV: After 2 albums and 15 years (!) BYOP still have tons of vitality, pizzaz
and sinewy corkers to offer. Battle-axe frontwoman Pearl still has demons to
fight with, and I assure you, you don’t want to be one of them. 11 spunky cry-outs.
Combative, bad-tempered, sharp, raw and LOUD. They truly have a great mommy.

KEY SINGLE: Hand Grenade



4. ‘Nostalgia’s Glass’ by THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH

Dyer about the LP: “The aim became to create a collection of songs that paid homage
to our back catalogue and attempted to dissect not only the positive but the negative
elements of nostalgia, primarily the romanticisation of the past – be it the politics of
a country, the controversial legacies of film and musical icons or the sentimental
idealisation of long dead toxic relationships.”

TUTV: To be honest, I needed several spins to get into the new TUY album and in
Craig Dyer‘s world. Of course, he’s the only one who knows exactly what happens in
his mind, in his soul and his heart. But as he said he looked back to times gone by.

Great/gratifying moments, bad/sad moments. I guess for so many of us, nostalgia
can be both depressing and heart-warming. Dyer opened the door to his past, that
evokes those mixed emotions.

His sombre vocals, the overall gloomy tone and slow, shadowy pace (except for
Another Country that sounds like a splendid tribute to The Velvet Underground of the
music feels like he got lost in a labyrinth of uncomfortable memories most of the time leading to a spellbinding and bone-chilling opus. Melancholic poetry in motion. You can
file Nostalgia’s Glass next to Nick Cave‘s 2016 mourning masterpiece Skeleton Tree.

KEY SINGLE: In Another Country



5. ‘Look Out’ by LOBSTERBOMB

TUTV: After a series of stormy singles this turbulent Berlin-based released their debut LP this summer. A manic mixture of left/right punk uppercuts, garage glam swagger, and riot grrl dynamics, stoked up by roaring riffs, a frenetic bass/drum tandem and high-pitched vocals, think of Poly Sterene, Kathleen Hanna or Bonnie Bloomgarden. All limbs-activating ingredients you need for a bonkers moshpit.

KEY SINGLE: What About Never



THE HIVES – Swedish Tempestuous Punk Clowns Explode On Riot-Gun Album ‘THE DEATH OF RANDY FITZSIMMONS’

11 August 2023

📸 Bisse Bengtsson

The Swedish amazeballs punk clowns THE HIVES unleashed
(I still have no clue who that guy is?) today.

UNCUT (British music magazine): “It’s back-to-basics good fun garage rock, and while it’s familiar territory it’s undeniable that the band know their way around a hook.” Score 7/10.

TUTV: Expect a tsunami of Molotov cocktails, punk-o-rama riffage, and yell-along
refrains spit out by primal screamer Pele. No rest for the wicked. Beware, this explosive record can damage your speakers. On the other hand, it’s the ideal soundtrack for banging your poor head against the kitchen wall and/or jumping up and down like a kangaroo on ecstasy.

Alert your neighbours before you start the deafening razzmatazz
and watch out for the anti-decibels police. Lots of riot-gun fun.

Key singles/clips: Bogus Operandi / Rigor Mortis Radio



Full album

Euro Tour

THE HIVES: Instagram – Store

THE HIVES – Swedish Hotheaded Punks Keep On Throwing Molotov Cocktails

New striking strokes

1 Augustus 2023

📸 Bisse Bengtsson

As announced some time ago Swedish hotheaded punks THE HIVES are
eager to go bananas with their fans with their new LP, named The Death
Of Randy Fitzsimmons
(still have no clue who that guy is?). It lands next
month on 11 August

To warm up we already got 3 uppercuts. Bogus Operandi,
Countdown To The Shutdown
and Rigor Mortis Radio.

And they keep on throwing Molotov cocktails, this time not one but two.

TRAPDOOR SOLUTION is a supersonic 63 seconds (take that, Ramones)
rocket with big-mouthed front-wacko Pelle Almqvist going apeshit.

The second slam dunk called (what else?) THE BOMB is an, eh, supersonic
133 seconds rocket with big-mouthed front-wacko Pelle Almqvist going apeshit.


AGAIN on Spotify.

THE HIVES: Instagram

Euro Tour

THE HIVES: Instagram

THE HIVES Score Hattrick With Third Slam From Their Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘RIGOR MORTIS RADIO’

New striking strokes

12 July 2023

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume – Antwerp 2021)

Swedish punk crackpots THE HIVES are on a roll.

They’re ready to release their new longplayer, titled
The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons (who?) on 11 August
and announced European tour dates for the Fall (see below).

But first the third appetizer from the upcoming full-length.

RIGOR MORTIS RADIO is a ramming mid-tempo slam
that triggers you to kick your dustbin really hard.


Gör det, Pelle.

THE HIVES: Instagram

To Hell With Blue Mondays… Here Come Swedish Madcap Punks THE HIVES With Their New Smack ‘COUNTDOWN TO SHUTDOWN’

26 June 2023

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Get rid of your Blue Monday mood with the second shared blast, titled
COUNTDOWN TO SHUTDOWN from the Swedish punk wackos THE HIVES
upcoming new album named The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons (I have no
clue who the fuck that is), out on 11 August.


THE HIVES: Facebook – Linktree

No Rest For The Wicked With THE HVES And New Hammer Blow ‘COUNTDOWN TO SUNDOWN’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

14 June 2023

📸 Bisse Bengtsson

As announced a couple of weeks ago Swedish madcap punks THE HIVES launch
their new album The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons (no idea who that guy is) on
11 August. Pre-order info here.

Following the storming lead single Bogus Operandi you can get out of
your head to this new cannonball, named COUNTDOWN TO SUNDOWN.

Open your windows and doors and
share this new Hives hammer blow.

Tour Dates

THE HIVES: Facebook – Linktree

Happy 44 To THE HIVES’ Loudmouth HOWLIN’ PELLE

29 May 2023

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume – Antwerp, Belgium 2021)

Pelle Almqvist was born on 29 May 1978 in Fagersta, Sweden.

Happy 44 to the loudmouth of Swedish wacko garage punk rockers THE HIVES.
also know as Howlin’ Pelle. One of the most exciting performers I’ve ever seen
(several times), and I saw a lot.

The band is ready to launch their new, 6th LP, named
The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons on 11 August.

Here’s the first single Bogus Operandi.

Pelle‘ on his favorite spot: ON STAGE.

THE HIVES: Facebook – Linktree