Motorized Toronto Trio THE DIRTY NIL Drop New Slow Bashing Haymaker ‘BYE BYE BIG BEAR’

Works faster and harder than caffeine

23 November 2022

Herculean indie rock trio THE DIRTY NIL released
their 3rd longplayer named Fuck Art last year.

Kerrang said: “When the Nil’s no-holds-barred
approach comes good, it’s glorious.”

They’re back now with a new muscular slow-bashing haymaker titled
BYE BYE BIG BEAR. The belter of a blow pays tribute to a local convenience
store and its parking lot, near to their apartment back in the day. Clearly,
it still lives fondly in their memories.

The Dirty Nil: “For five years we lived together at a house in downtown Hamilton. For five years we were sustained by the Big Bear convenience store, located directly across the street. There we were nurtured with sparkling water, protein bars and cigarettes. There we witnessed an untold number of human dramas play out in the parking lot, ranging from the hilarious to the hopelessly sad. For five years it was our clubhouse, our pirate ship, our prison. So we say farewell, thank you for everything: Bye Bye Big Bear.”

Release the beast

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Canadian Punks THE DIRTY NIL Start The New Year With Third LP ‘FUCK ART ‘

2 January 2021

Who: Red-hot-blooded punk trio
out of Hamilton, Canada

Album: FUCK ART – the band’s third LP
Released: 1 January 2021

Spill Magazine (Toronto) writes: “‘Fuck Art’ is the third studio album from the Hamilton, Ont.-based The Dirty Nil, in which they reaffirm their commitment to keeping the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll alive. he trio reteam with veteran music producer John Goodmanson to deliver 11 tracks chock-full of sheer adrenaline, heavy distortion and guitar-charged power.”

Turn Up The Volume says: Imagine Black Sabbath drones played with a Ramones speed, injected with Blink-182 hormones and served with Green Day‘s bravado. Loud and proud, smash and crash, angry and snappy. And great song titles: Elvis 77, Ride or Die, To The
One Who Stole My Bike, Doom Boy.
Against all marketing rules – never release stuff on
New Near’s Day – this wayward trio had the balls to launch ‘Fuck Art‘ on 1 Jan 2021. Yes!

Singles: Blunt Force Concussion / Doom Boy



All drones…


(photo: cover ‘Live From Saturday Night Livestream’ single)