Happy 60 To U2’s Guitar Wizard THE EDGE

8 August 2021

David Howell Evans – better know as The Edge – was born
on 8 August 1961 in London, UK. Happy 60 to the brilliant
guitarist who defined the electrifying sound of mega stars U2 .
He moved with his family to Dublin, Ireland at the age of 2.

During his triumphant career, he also played with big
shots like Johnny Cash, B.B. King, Tina Turner en Ron Wood.

Anecdote: he’s the proud owner of 200 guitars.

The Edge: “By referencing our past, by allowing ourselves to sound
like the ‘old U2’—the Eighties U2—we’re not in a box anymore. Now
we’re free to sound any way we please. It’s very liberating.”

Three big EDGE moments…

– PRIDE (In The Name Of Love) –



U2: Facebook

(Brussels 2017 – Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s… THE EDGE

4 January 2021

OMG! I miss live music so much. For years a great and important piece of my life took/takes place in concert venues, small and big, enjoying the ecstatic, buzzing,
boosting, mind-boggling and out-of-control experience of a gig. In the past years,
I saw a yearly average of 200 artists doing their thing on a stage. In 2020 I was at
3 concerts, yes, just 3 !!! And we all know why. Fuck that awful coronavirus.

And so far, 2021 doesn’t look hopeful yet.
Fingers crossed. Bring on the vaccine!
I need my shots of live adrenaline.
I want to go out-of-control again!


Here comes… THE EDGE