Waking Up With… Nice Guys FAB THE DUO

Works faster than caffeine

3 May 2022

The colorful Los Angeles-based glam tandem FAB THE DUO motto says it all.

“Be You. Be Proud. And Be Loud!”.

They aim to smash societal norms through music and love. Previously hailing
from New York, the glamorous boyfriend pair, Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile,
create music which intoxicates audiences with confidence. Fab doesn’t just
stand for ‘fabulous’, it’s also an acronym that stands for Fierce Ass Bitches.

Fab The Duo say their new firecracker NICE is about “Many men act
like the world owes them (sex, a relationship, praise) for not being a terrible
person and they often use the excuse of being “nice” to get away with terrible
things. We all know a “nice guy”

And how does it all sound? Like a punked-up Weezer juggernaut.
Wham bloody wham bam. This bang-on master blaster is an instantly
working upper to get you out of your bed. A bitch of a slam dunk.
Get up, stand up and fight for your right to go ballistic.


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