Amazing Artwork! THE FALL 40 Years Ago With Cover Of ‘HEX ENDUCTION HOUR’

Eye-catching album cover(s) art

9 March 2022

Band: THE FALL (Manchester)

R.I.P. Mark E. Smith (5 March 1957 – 24 January 2018)

Artwork: Cover of the group’s 4th LP (out of a total
of 31 studio albums), released 40 years ago, yesterday,
on 8 March 1982.

There’s a chaos of pen scribbles by the late great Smith on the front sleeve.
Just random (well, it looks like that) rhetorical phrases and sentence snippets
like “Lie-Dream 80% of 10% OR 6% over no less than 1/4 = ??????”,, “Hail Sainsbury’s!”,

Afterward in an interview, Smith said that he wanted an LP’s artwork
to be the reflection of the content. He explained how he was drawn to
cheap and misspelled posters, amateur layouts of local papers and
printed cash and carry signs

And I just thought that Smith was bored and
started to write some BS just to pass time, while
waiting for the pubs to open.

Back sleeve

Stream here, 1 rattling hour of The Fall

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THE FALL – 13th Longplayer ‘SHIFT-WORK’ Came Out 30 Years Ago

Back in time…

21 April 2021

Band: THE FALL (Manchester)
Active: 1976–2018 / 31 albums

Album: SHIFT-WORK – 13th LP
Released: 22 April 1991 – 30 years ago

Note: ‘The War Against Intelligence’ was the original title of the album until the outbreak of the Gulf War. Smith agreed to change the title. Then in 2003, Universal released ‘The War Against Intelligence – The Fontana Years‘, a collection of Fall songs from the LPs ‘Extricate, Shift-Work, Code: Selfish’ and related singles although the UK was involved in another Persian Gulf war.

AllMusic wrote: “Shift-Work marked the sophomore effort from a new Brix-less Fall and is a slightly more subdued effort than the raging Extricate. It also marked a new direction for Mark E. Smith and the band as what once was repetitious grooves became interspersed with pop song structures… There are hooks and melodies here, and the group ineffably remain the Fall. The following year’s Code: Selfish would return to a much harder sound, leaving this a melancholic, introspective album.” Score: 2.5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Except for a couple of good singles this is a disappointing longplayer. But hey, even the best sports athletes have an off-day now ad then.


Full album…

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On The Cover: THE FALL

18 March 2021

British Uncut Magazine has an Ultimate Music Guide to the visionary genius
of The Fall out. Every album reviewed! ! Featuring encounters with hip priest
Mark E Smith! The complete guide to the wonderful and frightening world of
Britain’s most original band.

You can buy a copy online here.

Happy B. MARK E.

5 March 2021

The late genial word’smith’,
mega ego and lager junkie
have turned 64 today.

Happy B. Mark E.

Let’s go to the basement to celebrate…

00:00​ – Is This New
02:30​ – Wolf Kidult Man
07:51​ – Fifty Year Old Man
13:28​ – Latchkey Kid

THE FALL – Third Album ‘GROTESQUE (AFTER THE GRAMME) Released 40 Years Ago Today

17 November 2020

Album: GROTESQUE (AFTER THE GRAMME) – the band’s third LP

Released: 17 November 1980 – 40 years ago today

AllMusic/Ned Raggett wrote: “The Fall really started hitting its stride, with Marc Riley and Craig Scanlon now a devastatingly effective combination, somehow managing to sound exactly placed between random sloppiness and perfect precision. The sharp rockabilly leads and random art-rock racket thrived on both counts, with Smith as always the mad jester ripping into anything and everything while having a great time doing so… As a side note, the hilarious music scene caricatures on the front cover and wind-up liner notes add just the right level of acidic wit to the proceedings.” Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Mark E. Smith: “I was never ever into all that punk stuff to be quite frank with you, or that new wave, it’s not what I was going for. I was just trying to do very basic music, very savage music, with intelligent lyrics.”

Paul Morley (famous former NME writer) about MES: “What if he wasn’t a genius.
What if he was just an old drunken tramp?”

Turn Up The Volume: The genial drunk tramp on a roll here.

Full album…

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Back sleeve