NORPHLET Move With Their New Heart And Soul Album ‘THE GARDEN’

21 July 2021

Who: Atmospheric alt-rock duo out of TX/C

Turn Up The Volume: Sonically Norphlet balances between the Americana
romanticism of Band Of Horses, the vulnerable psyche of Sparklehorse and
the multi-layered guitar fever of shoegaze. Lyrically its about reflections on
the past, present, and future. About regret, pain, doubt, hope, love, heartache.
About life.

This record is one that grows emotionally on you with every spin. From goosebumps ballads to amplified rockers. Top songwriting, top vocals, top orchestrations. Sonic melancholia at its gripping best. Don’t miss this.

Key-tracks: The Garden Gate / Fingers Crossed / Meadow Of My Mind / Saudade

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5 new firecrackers to boost your favorite 48 hours…

‘Psalm 23’ by COLD CAVE (L.A./New York)
This darksome Krautrock groove gets under your skin from the get-go and moves like a
nasty serpent. From the nightmare rockers’ new EP Fate In Seven Lessons out 11 June.

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‘Under The Waves’ by FUZZY LIGHTS (Cambridge, UK)
The song deals with the devastation of coral reefs, ocean resources, and our natural world. It’s a multi-waves-layered cruise, with featherlight romantic vocals à la The Sundays‘ lovely vox Harriet Wheeler, violin flashes, gusty drums and a charged guitar finale. This is a band that cares about nature and their music. From the band’s new 4th album Buriels.

Enjoy here…

‘The Garden’ by 3 LITTLE WOLVES (Birmingham)
Sounds like a little symphonic psych-rock trip starting with a rambling drum riff
that comes and goes and ghostly vocals floating all over it. Sonic spiritually, that
grows on you after a couple of plays.

Here’s why…

‘Born 2 Boogie’ by SUNSHINE & THE BLUE MOON
Some are born to be wild, some are born 2 boogie as did the late great Marc Bolan
(T. Rex) back in the 70s and these Canadians know how to move and groove too. Glorious organ, glorious flow, glorious swagger, glorious vocals. From their upcoming album, out 25th June.

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‘How Dare You Want More’ by BLEACHERS (NYC)
Jack Antonoff and his band premiered this new track on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.
A tremendously uptight tune with a shake & swing sax climax. From upcoming album
Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night.

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PJ HARVEY – Her 4th Album ‘IS THIS DESIRE?’ Turns 20…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

27 September 2018


Album: IS THIS DESIRE? Her 4th LP

Released: 28 September 1998 – 20 years ago

ROLLING STONE review: “A classic-rock spinster druid in Dr. Marten drag, a demon stewardess on her very own astral plane, Polly Jean Harvey knows she has a great formula,
and she doesn’t mess with it on ‘Is This Desire?’ Her lusty English-farm-girl voice and guitar
still trace the fates of glamorously doomed heroines with names like Angelene, Leah and Elise… But for all the gothed-up Eurogloom, Is This Desire? is a lot of fun. Harvey makes her deranged fantasies of feminine evil sound like a righteous Saturday night, albeit a bleak and stormy one… But for all of her fabulous masks, Is This Desire? hits home because it comes down to a very simple sentiment: Harvey wants to know what love is, and she wants you to show her.”

Full review here .

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: PJ is unique in voice, sound, vision, story-telling and performance. And my all-time Harvey fav track ‘The Wind‘ is on this one.

THREE TOP TRACKS: Wind / A Perfect Day Elise / The Garden

* WIND – best PJ track ever…

* A PERFECT DAY ELISE – haunting…

* THE GARDEN – mesmeric…

ALBUM in full…

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