North Canadian Band THE JERRY CANS Titillates With Rad New Single ‘SOS’…

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18 April 2020

North Canadian collective THE JERRY CANS create music inspired by their hometown
of Iqaluit, Nunavut and life in the high Arctic. The unique mix of indie folk-rock and traditional Inuit throat singing is sung primarily in the Indigenous language of Inuktitut.

They just released brand new single SOS and a marvelously matching video clip. Bassist and band leader, Brendan Doherty says about the new piece: “SOS is about being lost and stuck in a confusing world of emotions and relationships of all kinds. This song was written to express the sense of anxiety and unease that seems to be more present in all of our lives. Recent times have been marked with increasing uncertainty and this rings more true now than ever.”

SOS is pretty special, even if you don’t understand a word of Inuktitut. The arousing sonic resonance of this bewitching top stroke evokes enough feelings to connect you with its puzzling sonorousness. This trance-like trip moves in an ongoing spellbinding and exalted way. This is music without frontiers, music with a universal language and sensitivity. The twinkling guitar lines, the ominous violin play, and the enigmatic vocals strengthen the intriguing impact of this stirring experience. And the accompanying video is an impressive piece of work too. It features up-and-coming Toronto based dancer/actress, Miambi Kasse.

Watch/listen here…

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SOS is a track from upcoming album ECHOES – out 24th May