Classic Twin Rock With THE MOON CITY MASTERS And Their Steamy Cover ‘I’VE GOT A FEELING’

9 May 2021

Who: “The planet of Moon City sent their best band to bring harmonious, soulful rock and roll
to the people of Earth. The Moon City Masters play positive, feel-good rock music with catchy melodies, funky basslines and crunchy riffs. Every show is good time. You’ll want to dance, nod your head, clap your hands! Their upcoming EP, The Adventures of The Moon City Masters, is out now and can be heard on all streaming services. If The Moon City Masters seem like they’re completely on the same wavelength when they play, it’s because they’ve been making music together since they were kids. And yes, since you asked, they are twins.”

New single: I’VE GOT A FEELING
Press statement: “I’ve got a feeling that The Moon City Masters bring all their own flavor
to the party
that is their cover of “I’ve Got a Feeling” by The Beatles. The band got together
with Grammy-nominated producer, Justin Craig, who hit the drums for them, and banged
out a simple recording of one of their signature cover tunes from their live set–which we are
all hoping is a thing again soon. Despite the iconic nature of the song, The Moon City Masters make it their own.”

Score: Expect a riff-cooking belter with a 80s classic rock forcefulness. Expect also electrifying echoes from legendary turbo Lynyrd Skynyrd, the high-powered blues flamboyance of Neil Young’s Crazy Horse, the over-the-top Macca vocals on Helter Skelter, and Slash joining the party, somewhere in the middle, for a stormy guitar solo.

I’m sure you have the feeling by now that some steamy showtime is coming up. Did I mention that this is actually a Beatles cover? No! That means that the bros nailed
it big time with their own high-energy intensity.

Start the fire…