SMALL MILLION With Bittersweet Mixed Emotions Pearl ‘THE OVERKILL’

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10 February 2023

Who: Songwriters Ryan Linder and Malachi Graham whp have been writing as a duo for a decade, but for their newest chapter they’ve expanded the band, with drummer Ben Tyler and Kale Chesney on bass and harmonies. Small Million‘s evolution into a four-piece has expanded the band’s sound from their synth pop origins to encompass more organic, raw indie rock energy.

New single: THE OVERKILL

The first one for Tender Loving Empire Records.
More songs and a full LP follow later.

“The Overkill is for people who cringe back on everything they’ve said at a party to see
if they were obnoxious, messy, hurt someone’s feelings, or disclosed too much of themselves.
It’s about the ways we can seek connection through vulnerability, on a night out, posting online, or in song lyrics, and grappling with the regrets of confessing too much and losing control.”

TUTV: Day-after doubts are embedded here in a bittersweet synth-pop pearl that
moves like a quietly babbling brook. It’s time for healing redemption, time to untangle mixed emotions with tranquilizing sonic tenderness. The Overkill could easily come
from an album by British daydreamers The Sundays fronted by crystalline voice
Harriet Wheeler. Both soothing and vulnerable. Embrace it.

Oh, the secrets I spill
Oh, always have, always will, oh
I’m drowning myself in the overkill, oh
I’m not proud of what I use to gain your trust

Tune in.