Irish Indie Rockers FONTAINES D.C. Cover Anglo-Irish Legends THE POGUES

7 Decmeber 2020

This year the young Irish wolves FONTAINES D.C. rocked their way to
the top of the indie universe with their second album A Hero’s Death.

Today we feature them with a magnificent rendition of sepia-colored

Actually, a traditional Irish music hall song recorded by THE POGUES
for their superb 1985 album Rum Sodomy & The Lash sung by Cait
, ex-wife of Elvis Costello, who played bass with The Pogues
for four years.

The Fontaines‘ version is glorious. Frontman Grian Chatten‘s melancholic
voice, the Xmassy harmonies, and the overall Fairytale Of New York feel is
just exquisite.

Listen here…

The Pogues take…

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THE POGUES Released ‘HELL’S DITCH’ 30 Years Ago

6 November 2020

Active: 1982–1996, 2001–2014

Album: HELL’S DITCH – fifth LP
Released: 6 November 1990 – 30 years ago today

The Courier Journal wrote at the time: “This great new album proves MacGowan has somehow managed to survive without turning into a bore… For all their musical prowess,
the Pogues would be just another pack of jigmasters without lead singer, chief songwriter
and dental-hygiene poster boy Shane MacGowan, whose brilliant, half-muttered singing and blackly sentimental writing are at the heart of this band.”
Full review here.

Shane MacGowan: “The most important thing to remember about drunks is that
drunks are far more intelligent than non-drunks- they spend a lot of time talking in pubs,
unlike workaholics who concentrate on their careers and ambitions, who never develop
their higher spiritual values, who never explore the insides of their head like a drunk does.”

Turn Up The Volume: Not their most inspired work, yet some remarkable songs on it make it a notable listen like this magnificent ballad Summer In Siam

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THE POGUES Released Masterwork ‘RUM SODOMY & THE LASH’ 35 Years Ago…

4 August 2020


– the band’s second LP
Released: 5 August 1985 – 35 years ago
Score: #13 in  the UK

AllMusic wrote: “One spin of the album proves that Costello accomplished his mission,
this album captures all the sweat, fire, and angry joy that was lost in the thin, disembodied recording of the band’s debut, and the Pogues sound stronger and tighter without losing a
bit of their edge in the process… . Rum Sodomy & the Lash also found Shane MacGowan growing steadily as a songwriter; while the debut had its moments, the blazing and bitter
roar of the opening track, “The Sick Bed of Cúchulainn,” made it clear MacGowan had fused
the intelligent anger of punk and the sly storytelling of Irish folk as no one had before, and the
rent boys’ serenade of “The Old Main Drag” and the dazzling, drunken character sketch of
“A Pair of Brown Eyes” proved there were plenty of directions where he could take his gifts…
the first album to prove that they were a great band, and not just a great idea for a band.”
Full review here. Score: 4.5/5.

Did you know…

* Elvis Costello who produced the album said at the time: “My task was to capture
them in their dilapidated glory before some more professional producer fucked them up…”

* The album’s title is taken from a Winston Churchill quote “Don’t talk to me about naval tradition. It’s nothing but rum, sodomy, and the lash.” It was drummer Andrew Ranken who came up with the idea saying “It seemed to sum up life in our band. Nothing but rum, sodomy, and the lash!”

* The cover artwork was based on a painting by Théodore Géricault, with the band members’ faces replacing those of the men on the raft painted by illustrator Peter Mennim.

Outstanding tracks…




Full album…

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