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1 April 2020

Band: The Pop Group  (Bristol, UK)
Active: 1977–1981, 2010–present
Single: We Are All Prostitutes 
B-side: Amnesty International Report on British Army Torture of Irish Prisoners
Note: Nick Cave once said that this song was the band’s masterpiece, saying,
It had everything that I thought rock and roll should have. It was violent, paranoid
music for a violent, paranoid time.”

Released: 9 November 1979
Score: The single peaked at #8 on the UK’s indie charts

Here’s the official clip…

NICK CAVE is one of their biggest fans and tells here why…


THE POP GROUP – 40th Anniversary Reissue Of Their Gloriously Chaotic Debut Album ‘Y’ Coming…

19 July 2019

THE POP GROUP, the legendary avant-garde funk punks out of Bristol released their turbulent, gloriously chaotic and freakishly intriguing debut LP ‘Y’ back in 1979, the
year punk was over and made way for a new experimental sonic creativity, lyrically
and musically, with anything-is-possible bands such as this compelling one led by
MARK STEWART, co-founder and one of the last original, uncompromising frontmen
and daring underground artists on this planet.

Assisted by a likewise minded group of incredibly inventive and venturesome musicians The Pop Group ‘s first longplayer wasn’t an easy-listening record, but one that revealed its wayward layers with every spin and still is a mind-expanding-and-exploring trip to hear on your trembling headphones 40 years later.

The great news is that on 1st November a 40th Anniversary Reissue will hit the streets via Mute Records. Check all details and special content of this Definitive Edition right here.

Ahead of it you can already move in mysterious ways to the remastered version of the band’s signature top track off the LP. Here’s ‘SHE IS BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL‘…

And while you here check THE POP GROUP‘s truly amazing comeback albums:

YESTERDAY’S CRACKERS – This Week: 25 Killer Tracks And 3 Top LP’s From 1979…

The best of the past

Every week Turn Up The Volume! jumps into the past! Relive 25 Crackers and
3 Top Albums per year/per week. Here’s another firework year to remember: 1979.



Unknown Pleasures by JOY DIVISION

Stream here


Stream here

‘London Calling’ by THE CLASH

Stream here


See/hear you next week for the year of 1980…

TODAY’S YESTERDAY ALBUM – ‘Y’ – Willful And Eccentric Debut By THE POP GROUP…

Remarkable albums from the past

The Pop Group

Released: 20 April 1979
Debut longplayer

PITCHFORK wrote: “Unlike most of the late-’70s no-wave types (and perennial imitators),
The Pop Group were less concerned with eschewing convention than with vehemently eviscerating it. Listen to how they tear apart a boxy, reverb-laden surf riff on “We Are Time”
with Dadaist malice and contempt. It’s impossible to ignore Mark Stewart’s incessant Thatcher-bashing, but ‘Y’ is so convincing in its hectoring that one can easily imagine it arising from even more amicable circumstances. This is a record of dire necessity, armed for combat against a long litany of ills—none more than typicality.”
Ranked at number 35 on Picthfork‘s greatest albums of the 1970s

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: To my ears, ‘Y’ sounded at first, both confusing and fascinating, like cricket, an intriguing sports game of which I still don’t know the rules,
until I found out that this band/album had no rules at all. While the ‘famous’ punk bands became greedy money sharks The Pop Group made the most brain-cracking, the most willful and most cutting middle-finger LP of that tremendous era.

TWO TOP TRACKS: She’s Beyond Good and Evil / We Are Time

* She’s Beyond Good And Evil

* We Are Time

Y in full

THE POP GROUP Website – Facebook – Twitter – Discography

Beyond rules and cricket

GARETH SAGER – The Pop Group’s Multi-Instrumentalist Has ’88 TUNED DREAMS’…

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


Dedicated followers of this blog know that this weekly feature ‘Weekend Beat‘ is about elevating party crackers to soundtrack the two most popular days of the week. For this long Xmas weekend I picked something unusual but truly fitting. Something to go with
the genuine Xmas feel, something far away from the greedy business side of this festive season, something to relax your busy mind and your pushed soul to, something to reflect to on the past year. Already inspired in his early years by virtuoso composers Frédéric Chopin, Claude Debussy and Erik Satie, the Scottish multi-instrumentalist GARETH SAGER, co-founder of the legendary dub funk punks The Pop Group, released his classic piano debut album, titled 88 TUNED DREAMS last October and, to my ears, it’s perfect to calm down for some time while looking back and forth, quietly and dreamily…

Dim the lights, sit down, repose and enjoy his mesmerizing piano beats…

“I entered Studio One, Abbey Road as a piano playing punk, I had the biggest studio in Europe at my disposal with one of the greatest pianos, and a few hours, time was of the essence. I felt the gods had opened the doors to me to be in that studio at that time so I could express the feelings of ghosts, time lost, emotions found. I was given the chance to totally express the inexpressible.”
Gareth Sager

88 TUNED DREAMS available on iTunes and BandcampGareth Sager on Twitter

Summer Is Not Over Yet! Scream And Dance 24/7 With TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Blistering Party Mix…

Summer is not over yet, here’s a blistering soundtrack
mind-boggling grooves, nasty hooks and red-hot vibes…
Open doors & windows, turn up the volume to the max
and start a sonic revolution in the streets with these…
fifteen irresistible party knockouts – bloody hell yeah!

1/ ‘Stop’ by BLACK REBEL MOTORCYLCE CLUB (San Francisco, US)
Unstoppable wah-wah bolide going really fast and furious…
Album: Take Them On, On Your Own

2/ ‘Nothing New To Trash Like You’ by THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE (Berlin, EU)
Trashy psych-o-delic injection to scare your neighbourhood at night…
Album: Don’t Get Lost

3/ ‘The Rabies Are Back’ by THE MOONLANDINGZ (Sheffield, UK)
Electro disco madness for funky werewolves…
Album: Interplanetary Class Classics

4/ ‘Zipperface’ by The Pop Group (Bristol, UK)
Saturday night fever à la legendary prostitutes The Pop Group
Album: Honeymoon On Mars

5/ ‘LC Over Lithuania’ by GRUPPO DI PAWLOWSKI (Antwerp, Belgium)
Demonic noise rock trip for voodoo junkies…
Album: In Human Hands

6/ ‘Little Boy Blue’ by Millionaire (Belgium)
This nasty groove will haunt you forever and ever…
Album: Sciencing

7/ ‘Be My Bitch’ by Madonnatron (London, UK)
Don’t mess with this up and coming bitchy madonna’s…
Album: Madonnatron (debut LP)

8/ ‘I’m A Man Too’ by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Whirlwind glam punk ecstasy to go bananas to…
Album: Glow In The Dark

9/ ‘Mona Lisa’ by  Atlas Wynd (Brighton, England)
Glowing garage roller rock coaster – flaming score…

10/ ‘Oo La La’ by Beth Dido (Searcy, Arkansas, US)
Simply FANTASTIQUE! Activate your limbs, folks…
Album: Fake Sugar

11/ ‘Hahehiho’ by LA JUNGLE (Namur, Belgium)
Fully powered electro-dance-punk engine on an insane escapade…

12/ ‘Man Cat Doll Machine’ by FERAL FIVE (London, Uk)
You can’t have any excuse to stay away from the dance floor when you hear this…
EP: Man Cat Doll Machine

13/ ‘Heat’ by KOY (St.Petersburg/Berlin)
Adventurous electro delirium fused with appealing Björkesque vocals…

14/ ‘Grunge Bond’ by DEAP VALLY (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Even unplugged, the coolest duo on the planet fuels your bloodstream…
EP: Femejism Unplugged

15/ Against The Rich’ by Warhaus (Belgium)
Belgian Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin kicking against the fucking elite…
Album: We Fucked A Flame Into Being

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s One Of The Last Originals… MARK STEWART

Weekly firework to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

‘Strange Cargo’ by MARK STEWART

N9 club, Eeklo (Belgium) 2017 (photo: Turn Up the Volume!)…

MARK STEWART is one of the rare, genuine artists who ever walked this troubled planet. No wonder Nick Cave is one of his greatest fans. From day one – back in the 70s – Stewart always explored different sonic directions and he always spoke out – crystal clear, from
his heart and soul – in favour of the oppressed and isolated ones in our labile society and against the evil ones who fuck up humanity all the time. The man never ever compromised to cash in, nor as the former and present frontman of the legendary underground funk punks The Pop Group, nor as Maffia leader, nor as solo performer, not then not today. And even when he prostituted himself he did it in his unique eloquent way with razor-sharp vision and matching sounds and lyrics. Here’s some irrefutable proof, musically
and visually. Join the freaks and dance this blue Monday into oblivion…

MARK STEWART: Facebook – Website – Discography

Strange Cargo‘ is at track from his 2008 solo album EDIT

THE POP GROUP – Funky Punky Freaky Reggae Party in Belgium…


THE POP GROUP – N9 Club – Eeklo, Belgium – 4 February 2017


THE POP GROUP, the frantic post-punk funksters from Bristol are only one of the
few bands that really have, after reuniting many years after they first formed (1977), something challenging, inspiring and perspicacious to say in caustic words and in compelling sound. Their two comeback albums in two years, CITIZEN ZOMBIE (2015)
and HONEYMOON ON MARS (2016) are among the best alternative music you’ll find. Giant frontman Mark Stewart still is a razor-sharp, political & social observer with an inimitable, narrative and at times creepy voice & the underground legends still create a unique blend of jagged & highly danceable ecstasy many young, artists would sell their soul and mother-in-law for. If you’re a well-documented, lifetime fan of the band and Stewart’s Maffia project I’m sure I can’t tell you something new about them. But if you
never heard of these sonic outlaws I invite you to this Funky Punky Freaky Reggae set (reproduced here on Spotify) that those imperishable prostitutes played last Saturday in Belgium. Open your ears and your unprejudiced mind, get out of your straitjacket, move your furniture to make room for your own private dance floor and activate your limbs ’cause you will need them all. Start the party right now, right here…

Captain Zombie…

Gareth ‘Chic’ Sager…

Drummer from Mars…

The originals…

(all pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

Links to the band: Website – Facebook – Twitter