29 June 2020

Last May JACK WHITE, the hardest working bluesman on this planet, and THE RACONTEURS released a 7-track live EP titled ‘LIVE AT THE ELECTRIC LADY
in New York City and a documentary film featuring the recording of the EP and
an interview with the band.

One of the tracks is a hectic cover of 1977 punk classic BLANK GENERATION
by the infamous NYC outlaw RICHARD HELL (once a member of Tom Verlaine‘s
Television) and his band THE VOIDOIDS with a special guest appearance of
original guitarist Ivan Julian.

The Raconteurs‘ version is a scorching wall-of-sound explosion.
Not bad, not bad at all. Here’s Jack White going meshuga…

Original version…


THE RACONTEURS Share Another Explosive Cut From New LP – Here’s ‘BORED AND RAZED’…

Brand new sonic impulses

10 June 2019

On 21st of June THE RACONTEURS, the Jack White/Brendan Benson led band, drop their, third LP, titled HELP US STRANGER. So far, already four tracks saw the day of light. Sun Driver, ‘Now That You’re Gone‘, the Donovan cover Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) and
the title track. And here’s another cut. ‘BORED AND RAZED’ is an explosive corker that will undoubtedly awake your neighborhood after only one spin. Catch the firing power right here, folks…


HELP ME STRANGER – album out 21st June

THE RACONTEURS Launch Title Track From Upcoming Third LP – Here’s ‘HELP ME STRANGER’…

Brand new sonic impulses

18 May 2019

THE RACONTEURS, the side rock toy of Jack White and Brendan Benson announced
their new, third LP, entitled HELP US STRANGER already a couple of months ago
when they shared two cuts: Sun Driver and ‘Now That You’re Gone‘.

About a month ago they dropped another fresh one, a cover of a song by 60s pop folk singer/songwriter Donovan called Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)’‘ and now here’s the
title track. A bluesy, familiar sounding, groover that will activate your head’s up and
down movements and your feet’s tapping rhythm…


HELP ME STRANGER – album out 21st June

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For APRIL 2019…

This past month’s best…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A tasty cocktail of rollicking rippers and first-rate cuts.
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout April Team!

1. ‘Blah Blah Blah’ by MEMES (Glasgow, Scotland)
The spirit of The Fall’s debut EP Bingo-Master’s Break-Out!. Ramshackle racket!…

2. ‘Covered In Filth’ by THE MEDICINE DOLLS (Capetown, South Africa)
Raw rollicking rockabilly riffs with waggish bubblegum ooh-la-la’s. Filthy score!

3. ‘Don’t’ by MILLIONAIRE (Belgium)
An ominous funky smack fueled by a mighty disco stomp. Hell yeah!…

4. ‘Candy’ by FALLING MAN (Belgium)
An enigmatic painkiller for spooky midnight hours. It will keep you sane. Maybe…

5. ‘Stay Where You Stand’ by THE RINGARDS (London, UK)
Jangly guitars, ace pace, poppy synths and a scream/sing/hum along chorus. Top!

6. ‘The Way In’ by THE DREAM SYNDICATE (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Electrifying psych piece from the band’s new upcoming album ‘These Times

7. ‘Hey’ Gyp (Dig The Slowness) by THE RACONTEURS (US)
Jack White & buddies back with gloriously messy Donovan cover…

8. ‘6.30‘ by SUPER PARADISE (London,UK)
When blitzkrieg guitars, echoing vocals and flashy synths meet. A bang-up roller coaster!

9. ‘Who’s Been Having You Over’ by PETER DOHERTY & THE PUTA MADRES (UK)
Snappy garage stomper with sharp-edged guitar licks and Doherty‘s characteristic vox…

10. ‘Prozac Spaceman’ by FAUX CO. (Chicago, US)
This delightful humdinger will dance in your head for some time after one spin…

11. ‘Parabole’ by TURQUOISE (Bruxelles, Belgique)
Sensuous French vocals, glimmering guitars and New Order‘s blue dynamics. Magnifique!…

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THE RACONTEURS Share DONOVAN Cover As Another Track From Their New LP…

Brand new sonic impulses

10 April 2019

THE RACONTEURS announced their new, third, album HELP US STRANGER a few weeks ago. Ahead of its release the band already released a double A-side single. Blues rocker Sunday Driver and sad love song Now That You’re Gone. And here’s another track. A flaring cover of a DONOVAN song, the famous 60s singer-songwriter, viewed by many
as the British Bob Dylan back then. Here’s ‘HEY GYP (DIG THE SLOWNESS)


JACK WHITE And THE RACONTEURS Return With Two New Songs…

New sonic impulses

19 December 2018

Jack White and THE RACONTEURS just announced a new LP for 2019. Their third after ‘Broken Boy Soldiers‘ (2006) and ‘Consolers Off The Lonely’ (2008). Ahead of its release the band released a double A-side single. SUNDAY DRIVER is a steady blues rocker while NOW THAT YOU’RE GONE is a sad love song. Hear both tracks here…