Fuel to boost your favorite 48 hours…

1. ‘Elasticity’ by SERJ TANKIAN (US)
The ringleader of System Of A Down is going to make our ears tremble with a solo EP
out in March. This roller coaster lead-single was written for the band. But as the pandemic made studio contact impossible Serj decided to give a go himself. Four more to follow.

Bang your head here…

2. ‘Year Of The Horse’ by FUCKED UP (Canada)
Were you waiting for these Toronto rebels? Well, here they are with a new 19-minute (!) stunner. It goes loud and quiet, slow and fast, intimidating and relaxing, Totally fucked-up. From a new 4-track EP released yesterday. More info on Bandcamp .

Press play to start the mind-twisting escapade…

3. ‘Marionette’ by RICH RAGANY AND THE DIGRESSION (London)
This flaming belter could have been a fired-up Tom Petty cracker. Rockin’ and rollin’,
movin’ and groovin’. A perfect radio song. It’s the lead-single from their upcoming LP ‘Beyond Nostalgia And Heartache‘, out in April.

Tune in right here…

4. ‘Save Us From The Tory Scum’ by THE REV. JONNY KINKAID (Bristol, UK)
Breaking news: this is the brand new British National Anthem! To hell with God
Save The Queen
, here’s Jonny and his crystal clear Fuck You Tory Scum tribute!

Rise and sing with your two middle fingers in the air…

5. ‘Pukebox’ by PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETS (Perth, Aus)
The psych-o-delic stormer and boiling key single from the Aussies
new album SHYGA! THE SUNLIGHT MOUND, out today.

Let’s roll