Darksome Post-Punk Romantics SUNFLOWER Blossom At Night…

SUNFLOWER – BarBroos Ghent, Belgium – 26 March 2019

One of the most intriguing bands on the flourishing alternative music scene in Belgium
are darksome romantics SUNFLOWER. I suspect them from having stolen all the post-punk and new wave albums of their parents, then listened to all that marvelous vinyl on repeat, got obsessed and decided to form a band themselves and create their own sonic mysticism. After two years of working in progress, the quintet released their debut record last month. THE SPIDERS WE CAUGHT is a glowing 5-track trip into Sunflower‘s emotional world. Imagine The Cure‘s gloomiest guitar lines, The Banshees melodic weirdness, Mogwai‘s quiet.loud.quiet impact and a soul-stirring frontman with a hot-blooded vox. What you then get is a poignant roller coaster track like this. Here’s HEROIN

Last Tuesday the group played my hometown Ghent and confirmed everything what was already written about them. I witnessed five musicians who get really quick into a puzzling zone of emotive intensity and impassioned devotion and play as if this was their last gig. Although it was dark up there on stage, you could see and feel this team’s vital excitation.
Their electrifying songs transfer you to a melancholic twilight where reality looks confused and disorderly. Their wayward melodies are wrapped in captivating sound constructions that hold your attention non-stop while singer Brent De Wulf is the screaming heart of this special act on a special mission. A striking performance it was.

Here’s their newest excellent single KOSMONAUT I

Picture this


Emotive intensity

Group excorcism


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(All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)