Waking Up With… Masked Hellraisers SLEEP TOKEN And New Sledgehammer ‘THE SUMMONING’

Works faster and harder than caffeine


SLEEP TOKEN is a mysterious industrial post-metal phenom from London.
The band members wear masks and claim to be united in their worship of an
ancient deity identified by them as ‘Sleep‘, who appeared to the band’s ominous
lead singer, Vessel.

Last year they caused might sonic waves with their 2nd album This Place Will
Become Your Tomb
. And as a loud and clear harbinger for their upcoming headline
tour they open 2023 with a new, standalone single/clip named THE SUMMONING.

It’s a bloody hell of a slo-mo rollercoaster that starts with a titanic wall of
industrial drones followed by surprising turns, forth and back, until Vessel‘s
infernal vocals take over for a roaring finale.

Watch/listen here.

SLEEP TOKEN: Website – Facebook – Instagram