Birmingham’s Newcomers THE TABOO CLUB Impress With Tenebrous Reflection ‘BIBLE JOHN’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

20 November 2018


Who: A fresh quintet formed only this year in Birmingham, UK.
“The Taboo Club are entirely of their own, comprising of and expressing the values
of its individual members to create something heart-breakingly cathartic – a sound
that commands attention and welcomes intimacy.”


Score: Close your eyes and you’ll hear atrabilious echoes of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds‘s profoundest moments and the Tindersticks gloomiest sentiments. Indeed, Bible John has that tenebrous timbre, that abstruse toughness that has the cutting strength to penetrate the dark side of confused souls. The combination of singer Rob Lilley‘s sonorous, crooning vox and the saturnine orchestration of this slow-moving melancholic contemplation works frighteningly perfect. Music to be played on a jukebox, late at night, in a shadowy bar at the edge of the town where all the lonely ones look for a bit of comfort. Feel it here…

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