54 Years Ago Today THE WHO Released Their Classic Single ‘MY GENERATION’…

Knockouts from the past

29 October 2019

Band: The Who
Song: My Generation  / B-side ‘Shout And Shimmy
Released: 29 October 1965 in the UK and a week later in the US
Note 1: Pete Townsend wrote the song on a train. “It was very
much about trying to find a place in society”
he said later
Note 2: The single peaked at #2 in their home country, their
highest UK charting single ever, and at #72 in America
Note 3: It was also the title track of their debut LP

Here’s my-my-my generation…

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THE WHO Released ‘WHO’s NEXT’ Album 48 Year Ago – Here’s Single’ WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN’…

Knockouts from the past

14 August 2019

Band: The Who
Song: Won’t Get Fooled Again
Album: Who’s Next – Released 14 August 1971, 48 years ago today
Note 1: The single peaked at #9 in the UK / at #15 in America
Note 2: Despite the fact that frontman Roger Daltrey is a fervent Brexit fan – well,
he was never the smartest Who member – I’m sure Great-Britain is fooled again
with Boris ‘Me Myself And I’ Johnson, an English 21st Century politician who thinks
the Great British Empire still exist. Talking about a nationalistic fool!

Now back to history/the present…

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Quote Of The Day – Here’s THE WHO’s Hypocrite ROGER DALTREY…

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Has-been billionaire rock star Roger Daltrey once sang about the problems of his generation but he doesn’t give a flying fuck about today’s young UK generation whose majority voted to remain in the EU, as he proved once more again with some crap quotes about Brexit. He used to be a great singer but he also was always a terribly narrow-minded person. He and his now entirely meaningless and money-greedy band The Who were also slammed recently – again – by fans for charging scandalous entrance prices to see them play. To return to the subject, Daltrey has no clue at all what the EU is even about. He’s just a sickly rich and old spoiled grumpy man who doesn’t care whatsoever about what the future British generation thinks and wants. Here’s some of his recent baloney…

You can read the full NME feature on Daltrey‘s nonsense here.