Psych Rock Trio TV COMA Drops New Doomsday Track ‘THE WORLD IS CLOSING DOWN’…

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22 March 2020

In these scary coronavirus days countless artists – professionals and amateurs – try to bring some comfort. To be honest: some succeed, some fail. But here we have a winner with British rock trio TV COMA who just dropped new track ‘THE WORLD IS CLOSING DOWN‘. A catchy psych pop humdinger about the coming apocalypse. Witty, satirical
and pungent.

If you asked me to make a playlist of Doomsday songs this would be definitely on it.
Why? If this is the end of the world as we know it we might as well leave this messed
up planet with a smile on our faces while dancing to a sticky gloomy tune like this.

Shake your booty right here…

TV COMA: Facebook

(photo: FB – TV COMA)