Welsh Songsmith SWEET BABOO Shares Classic Kids TV Inspired Nursery Rhyme And Fantasy Clip

11 January 2023

Who: The musical moniker of
Welsh songsmith Stephen Black.

New single/clip: THE WORRY
4th shared track of his upcoming 7th longplayer, his
first in 5 years, titled The Wreckage. Out 27th January.
Pre-order info here.

“The songs-and-storytime innocence of classic children’s television fingerpaints primary colours over ‘The Worry’. A painstakingly constructed ode to joy and a harder-than-it-looks experiment in the most direct of direct songwriting. The single’s gamboling rally against letting negative thoughts creep in is sung with abundant, crayon-drawn, crepe-paper and sticky-backed plastic heart, from parent to child, while inviting grown-ups to practice what they preach.”

Black: “This is the oldest song on the album and, although it’s kind of like a throwaway kids’ tune, it took me a long time to get the lyrics right. I wanted the lyrics to be as direct as possible. No trimmings. I think it’s me telling either myself, or my son, or both that there’s no need to worry. Like a mantra. I think that’s easier said than done. In my mind the Rainbow theme tune was inspiration.”

TUTV: This nursery rhyme feels so universal. A parent going back to its own childhood while singing an everything is gonna be fine lullaby to his kid. The Worry is frisky fun and makes sepia-colored images from the past pop-up on your mind’s TV screen. The laid-back melodiousness of the song and its musical orchestration, including jolly piano play and jaunty trombone fragments, make for a sing/whistle/hum along jingle while you can watch the fantasy inspired video clip.

Roll the tape.

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