24/7 Musician THURSTON MOORE Announced 8th Solo Album And Shares Moony First Single ‘HYPNOGRAM”

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19 February 2023

Former Sonic Youth (1981-2011) guitar hero/voice/songwriter
is one of those addicted musicians who
never take a break. Music is their life and vice versa, 24/7.

Thurston Moore Group (Hear Hear Festival 2022 – photo by Turn Up The Volume).

After SY broke up he already fabricated 7 solo LPs (and multiple
collaborative projects). He just announced album #9. Well, actually,
he said that it’s canned, but no title or a release date yet.

What we do get is the first single, named HYPNOGRAM.
A rare lullaby. Melodic, tender, and moony. With sparkling
guitar play and Moore‘s meditative vocals. Lovely.

Tune in.

THURSTON MOORE: Facebook – Instagram

See you on the first date, in Belgium

Sonic Music Junkie THURSTON MOORE Drops New Instrumental Trance Album ‘SCREEN TIME’

7 February 2022

Ex-Sonic Youth icon THURSTON MOORE is a 24/7 sonic music junkie releasing lots of new and old stuff lately, mostly via his Bandcamp account, with 2020 album By The Fire as the most notable output (one of his best solo efforts ever in my book) and some remarkable one-off instrumental pieces in 2021.

Another full-length work of 2020 summer labour called SCREEN TIME was released in February last year as a Bandcamp Friday exclusive, but the album is now getting a proper release (CD and Vinyl) on February 25 via Southern Lord (already available now, digitally,
on BC.)

Southern Lord(record label) says: “‘Screen Time’ is a record in reflection
to dream time, a state of meditation, hypnagogia and pillow talk”

Turn Up The Volume: I never thought Moore would make a record that
calms me down, that triggers my dream-away thoughts, that makes me
think of Indian legend Ravi Shankar playing a regular guitar instead of a
sitar. Well, Moore does it with this one.

Start your trance here…


Pre-order via Southern Lord

(photo Thurston Moore: cover of his ‘By The Fire’ album)


5 new firecrackers to boost your favorite 48 hours…

‘Stick By Stick’ by LITTLE MUSGRAVE (Brussels)
Lighten up, folks. Joey Wright aka Little Musgrave activates your feet, hips, and head with
this ongoing funky groove. Its hypnotic vibe triggers your best body moves. Shake and quake is what you’ll do when this inflammable crackerjack hits your ears. EP ‘Matches’ coming up via Wild Goose Chase Records.

Here‘s the vibe…

‘High & Hurt’ by ICEAGE (Denmark)
One of the best pieces these Danish rockers ever recorded. Amplified passion,
anthemic swagger, and a titanic chorus. From the band’s new, very impressive
fifth LP Sheek Shelter. Actually their best (so far). Hurrah!

Feel the glow…


‘Non-Dramatic Break-Up Song’ by LINNEA’S GARDEN (Boston, MA)
The happiest break-up song I heard in ages. All lovers out there, listen and learn. This electrical earworm will make you stay good friends after you called it a day with your partner. Heads up, put Linnea on the stereo and your broken heart will be healed in no time (I hope). From her new 5-track sensual party EP Nowhere Friday’s Night.

Let’s roll…

‘Sketch Of Light’ by THURSTON MOORE (US)
One of those 24/7 musicians who breathe music, who dream about music, who are obsessed about music and who only make music they want to make. Like this sparkly, instrumental jam you wanna hear when you get up in the morning (well, I do).

A sonic veteran with a youthful heart…

‘Save Yourself’ by THE NEVERLUTIONAIRIES (North-Carolina, US)
Wow! This pumping psych knockout grabs you by the throat from the get-go with its Black Sabbathesque drone hammering all the way and its thunder and lighting beat doing your head in. The band’s brainchild Christopher Harold Wells: “I wrote ‘Save Yourself ‘ about a dear friend of mine who had serious substance abuse issues that eventually claimed his life. Though he had a crazier existence than mine, he always tried to give me advice about getting myself together.”

Feel free to bang your head

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

Poetry In THURSON MOORE Guitar Motion With New Track ‘SKETCH OF LIGHT’

10 May 2021

Former Sonic Youth star THURSTON MOORE is responsible
for one of the best 2020 longplayers with By The Fire.

He’s one of those many musicians who couldn’t survive long without making
music. Early February he unleashed an instrumental LP titled Screen Time and
in April he came up with a freakish 24-minute jam, bringing Lou Reed‘s eccentric
and destructive album Metal Music Machine to mind.

And we get already another Moore piece called SKETCH OF LIGHT.
Again an instrumental guitar trip. Sparkling, shadowy, yet playful.
Along with this fresh track comes a poem he wrote recently…

No fools no rules
Believe be free
At the end of the day
She began to see
Blue skies ahead

Press play for Sketch Of Light here….


THURSON MOORE – Electrifies With Never-Ending Psych Jams On New Album ‘BY THE FIRE’

29 September 2020

Album: BY THE FIRE – his 7th solo LP
Released: 25 September 2020

Info: “Thurston Moore has written nine songs of enlightenment, released to a world
on fire. Taking a cue from (jazz icon) Albert Ayler‘s “music is the healing force of the universe”, this recording offers songs as flames of rainbow energy, where the power
of love becomes our call.” – Daydream Library Series Label

Thurston Moore: “These are love songs in a time where creativity is our dignity, our demonstration against the forces of oppression. By ‘The Fire’ is a gathering, a party of
peace — songs in the heat of the moment.”

NME: “On his seventh solo album the alt rock mainstay offers the sound of enlightenment
to a world in turmoil with help from My Bloody Valentine’s Deb Googe and Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley. Thurston Moore has always been a man firmly occupied with the present. ‘By The Fire’
is not only the latest in his catalogue of precisely sculpted rock and roll, but also some of his boldest and most invigorating work to date… Moore elegantly channels his sense of poise and calm in a word going to shit, easily proving why he remains a hero in the world of alt rock.”

Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: “Moore’s never-ending psychedelic jams are splendid sonic
food for your hungry ears, restless mind, and your pandemic infected soul.”

Singles: Hashish / Siren / Cantaloupe




Full album…


You can buy the album here

Five Fervent Firecrackers – STAY ON TRACK IN THE WEEKEND…

5 September / 6 September 2020

Five new firecrackers to bang-up your favorite 48 hours…

Like great red Bordeaux wine. The older the better! Moore boggles your mind with
an epic 12-minute guitar and drums spiced groove. A hypnotic trip making you feel relaxed, intoxicated and floating eight miles high. Perplexing psych jam!

‘The Turning Of Our Bones’ by ARAB STRAP (Scotland)
Scottish indie duo return with first music in 15 years. This new single is a nightmarish triumph. Starting with the line ‘I don’t give a fuck about the past‘ they take you on a dark, yet tremendously addictive electronic trip with an ongoing, spellbinding guitar riff and a vibey bass beat. Two words: staggering comeback!

‘Suffering Blossoms’ by EIGHT GATES feat. Matt McDougal of Boundaries (Orlando)
You want to scream your lockdown head off? Open your greedy ears for this metal punk slam dunk coming from the NBA-playoffs bubble city of Orlando. Crush your isolation demons. NOW! HERE! GO! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!

‘Crown Of Thought’ by GARCIA PEOPLES (Rutherford, New Jersey)
Psychedelic prog rock Odyssey sounding as if it was recorded in LSD-heaven by
The Grateful Dead. Spacey, far-out and mind-twisting. New album Nightcap At Wits
out 9th October. More info right here.

‘Just Another Dance Song’ by YEWO (Hungary)
When classic rock and dance dynamics meet each other you get a swirling pirouette-yourself-gaga injection like this bang-bang-banger. A guarantied dance floor filler. Go
nuts, go apeshit, go bonkers! HAVE FUN!


See/hear you next week, music junkies…