Horntastic Post-Punk Spectacle In Belgium With British Gang OPUS KINK

13 September 2022

As a music junkie and gig addict, I’m always searching for the next new band/artist kick. Last Saturday I discovered London gang OPUS KINK live (after discovering their music
the day before) at the indie-splendid Leffingeleuren Festival in Belgium.

Here are the 3 main reasons why these mavericks
are Turn Up The Volume‘s find of the year (so far).

1. First of all the music of course. Post-punk exorcism heated up with saxophone
and trumpet. Not in a Black Country, New Road way, but rather in a James Brown
punk orchestra
way. Awesome.

Check their new EP ‘Til The Stream Runs Day below.

2. Their high-intensity-passion-emotions-loaded songs all got an enormously extra-power injection on stage. All burners on, all engines on. They jump from rock opera to scream-your-lungs-out chants (mostly in one and the same song) to barb-wire funk pushed by a steaming hot rhythm section. And, yes, the saxophonist and the trumpet player are really, really special. Ever heard raw punk commotion jazz-ed and soul-ed up all the way? I didn’t. Trust me, it’s startling.

3. Besides being blessed with a knife-edged vox, frontman Angus Rogers has all eyes on him. One time, he moves and grooves like an underground ballet dancer, then again he sneaks around as Gollum in The Lord Of The Rings. But he has competition. The horn boys also got lots of visual attention. They look pretty cool with their shades on, their curly haircuts and their fine mustaches. If they can’t play music anymore for whatever reason, I’m sure they can pursue a career as horn(y) porno actors.

FINAL RESULT: Opus Kink is my new favourite band.
As I yelled in Angus Rogers ears afterward “YOU ARE FANTASTIC”.
Don’t miss them, folks.

Here’s an idea of their live firepower.

Buy/stream their new EP below via Bandcamp.


OPUS KINK: Facebook – Instagram

Angus lost his way.

Wait, he’s back with a flash

Karmeliet beer for the thirsty ones

OPUS KINK: Facebook – Instagram