British Songstress WYLDEST Shares Body Happiness With Her Skates – Hear New Single ‘TIN FOIL GIRL’ Here

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19 July 2022

Who: The musical moniker of British singer-songwriter Zoe Mead

New single: TIN FOIL GIRL
The third shared piece of her upcoming third album Feed The Flowers Nightmares,
out 9th September through Hand In Hive.

Wyldest about the song: “‘Tin Foil Girl’ is about finding your own superpower to achieve a real state of flow and what I’m coining ‘organic happiness.’ The kind of happiness that can only be achieved by doing something active rather than passive, activities that truly encourage growth. Having dealt with more anxiety than ever in the past few years, I’ve really had to battle this temptation for ‘quick fix’ happiness, as it doesn’t last and it can sometimes lead to worsened problems. I’m not particularly good at skateboarding, but it is therapy for me. I use it as a way of getting out of dark places and it works because I have no ego attached to it.”

Turn Up The Volume: Amidst the grey times we experience now for some years
HAPPY songs are always welcome. Tin Foil Girl breathes hope, stimulates avid action,
and triggers your body to start a little dance wherever you are.

The song’s swirling pace, riff-rolling guitars, jumping-for-joy chorus, and Mead‘s feverish vocals and inspiring lyrics invite you to jive all stress and turmoil into oblivion. Olivia Newton John got psychical way back, no let’s give it a try with Wyldest‘s new found optimism.

“I wanna Have a party with my body”

Put your skates on, and roll…

All three singles on Spotify

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