German Punk Rock Artist FIR CONE CHILDREN Channels His Mixed Emotions On New Album ‘TODAY THERE’S NO TOMORROW’

Standout longplayers

11 october 2022

Who: The musical moniker of Alexander Donat,
a Berlin-based indie dream punk.

Donat’s 9th longplayer

Info: “Today There’s No Tomorrow”, marks a return to raw, fast and wild lo-fi psychedelic garage rock with: #1, a pair of loud guitars (one that’s constantly shredding, the other’s there for the dreamy part); #2, a noise rock bass; #3, a punchy and crashing drum kit that loves to include blastbeats when the song demands it; and, not to forget, #4, the polyharmonic vocals reverberating this summer’s last beach party. Still, the record’s title is a two-bladed sword. It does refer to having a good time and getting lost in the moment, but it also says that we live in troubling times, and it seems like we have to take action now and today, in order to still have a planet to live on tomorrow. It’s a now-or-never situation.”

TUTV: I felt all kinds of different emotions during my 1st spin, like a resume of what many of us felt in and out 2020-2022. Fun/fever, hope/fear, doubt/faith, black/white, day/night. From the depressing lockdowns to the liberating end of the coronacrisis. We all had to process the difficult times in some way. Donat did/does it with this new record fueled with steamy speedballs (Way Up North / Head In The Clouds /No Mercy / If You Don’t Get Words), some glam-punk blowouts (Pull It Out / Quite Okay With Mondays / But Does It Break?) and a couple of sticky power-pop reflections (Travelling Dune / Certified In Purple). Even after all these years it strikes me how music has a healing effect on my mind, heart, and soul, on a daily basis. Thank you for your cracking contribution, Alexander Donat. I’m sure there’s a tomorrow.

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